This web site was established to show the writings that were scribed by the late Marge Ludeman. She was in contact with some ETI’s (Extraterrestrial intelligence) that come in peace and love, from 1968 until she died in 1994.

Their mission is to help stop the chaos and destruction that has been occurring on earth since the Satanic forces have been here, for nearly nine million years. The ETI’s that Marge was connected too are known as Druids however, there is a huge galactic armada over head, that are under the command of Captain Hilarion. They consist of many other clans of ETI’s, that are a part of saving our world and also finding their missing family members. They have been trying to enlighten the human race about cosmic laws and the truth about the history of our planet. Captain Hilarion was Marge’s main contact for the majority of the time and is the author of most of what you will read. This is their last ditch effort to help us. To view these writings, click on the tab above titled Archive of cosmic writings and scroll down to the end of the page. Here you will see the titles of each writing. Click on any you wish to access.

We are dedicated to continuing Marge’s legacy and make these writings available to the world at no cost. If you wish to help our cause, kindly forward this web site to those who may find it interesting. We would like to state that none of what is written can be proven to the physical realm. We sincerely hope that what you read resonates with you. Peace and blessings to all.

To purchase the book, Autobiography of “I Jesus” go to


This book is amazing and explains important world history about the evil controls that have and continue to devastated our planet. You can read the short version of his life on this site in the archives listed under “I Jesus.”