About Marge Ludeman

Marge was born on October 18, 1900 in New York. She was raised by her parents who were devout Catholics. The religion was ingrained into her throughout her youth. When she married Herb Ludeman whom wasn’t Catholic, Marge’s parents insisted he become one. He obliged his in-laws and started classes. Herb was an intelligent man with his own spiritual perspectives, and as a result of unanswered questions by the priest he chose to discontinue the classes and never converted to being Catholic. Marge also distanced herself for similar reasons. Her parents were extremely upset about her decision.

When Marge was 31 years old, she gave birth to a daughter who they named Jeanne. She was their only child. While Jeanne was a youngster at home, Herb was a devoted loving husband and father. However, the feeling in the family was that when Jeanne left home, Herb started drinking alcohol excessively. Due to herbs alcoholism and the devastation it caused, the couple divorced after 40 years of marriage. Marge was now living on her own and decided to move to California. She wanted to be closer to some of her family which included her daughter. She bought a tiny mobile home in a suburb of San Diego named Lakeside. According to Jeanne, it was about this time that Marge started to sincerely pursue her spiritual path. She went from church to church but couldn’t find any one belief that she had total faith in. They all seemed to have a dark side. She couldn’t buy into these religions or beliefs and started to ask for the truth. She would look to the sky and wonder “what’s out there?” Hoping that some day, the truth would be brought to her and in her mind, it finally was.

In the beginning of her spiritual quest, Marge became involved with some groups that were into a variety of things. She learned to meditate, learned about energy points in the body, and got into some psychic activities like table tipping. She was also attending meetings that involved studying “the secret Doctrine” By Madam Blavatsky and another group that was into UFO’s. This particular group of people would go on camping trips to watch the night sky; Marge was learning that UFO’s do exist. Her openness and willingness to learn more about UFO’s would change her life forever. One evening while sitting on her porch, Marge received implants from the ETI’s that are here helping our planet. The following is what she wrote about her amazing experience:

My first conscious contact with a UFO or Extraterrestrial intelligence occurred one evening in1968. I was looking up at a small star and wondering if there really were intelligent life forms beyond our planet, when a narrow beam of light engulfed me. From then on, my life was never the same. It left itchy lumps and burns above each ear. For three nights thereafter, I saw hexagonal bands forming a honeycomb like net or grid from horizon to horizon.

Because of the implants, Marge’s third eye was artificially opened and she was seeing UFO’s regularly as well as spirits from our world and others. Marge become an open channel and could communicate as well as channel spirits from the astral, etheric, and cosmic planes. The cosmic plane is where most of the information she received came from. Marge started to question her sanity, because of the experiences she was having. Those who knew her best, such as her daughter, knew that Marge was not suffering from any mental illnesses. In fact, she was one of the sanest; level headed, loving people I have ever had the privilege to know. As I mentioned earlier, they spoke to me using Marge’s body, and there is no mistaking, that I was talking to someone other then Marge.

The relationship that Marge had with these ETI’s lasted from 1968 until she died in 1994. She had experienced and witnessed dematerializations, her own personal healing, UFO sightings regularly and countless psychic experiences; partly due to her heighten sensitivity.

She told me that the last 26 years of her life were the happiest. She never felt alone and was constantly surrounded by love and protection. Marge was not perfect and knew this about herself. She recognized her short comings and could admit them. She strived every day to be a better human being. This is the message folks. Be the most humane human being you can be. Let’s stop the wars, hates, bigotry and pains in this world. Let’s replace it with love, compassion, understanding and kindness towards all living things.

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