A profile of my life of miracles

A profile of my life of miracles. Copyright © 2007

By Marge Ludeman

I Marge Ludeman, believe that there is a logical and understandable explanation for every apparent miracle. Science has pretty much proved this to most people’s satisfaction and mine in particular. I would like to add here that TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE. Also, that thoughts can be very concrete things and this is one more explanation for some miracles.

My first conscious contact with a UFO or ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) occurred one evening in 1968. I was looking up a small star and wondering if there really were intelligent life forms beyond our planet. Then suddenly a narrow beam of light engulfed me. From this day on, my life was never the same. After several minutes the beam of light was gone and left itchy bumps and burns above each ear. For three nights thereafter, I saw hexagonal bands forming a honeycomb like net or grid from horizon to horizon. Later it faded into a mishmash of dark lines which during the week that senator Kennedy was killed, had a long rip in it with two shorter ones on each side. Much later I was told that he was taken from his body to a ship patrolling our earth.

Three dimensional images can be projected into space. It requires a negative of the original object, which is illumined by the same light under which the object was first recorded.
One afternoon I was sitting in my back patio, when a Jesus like picture was projected down about fifteen feet in front of me. It appeared in a monochrome in blue but slightly out of focus. Another time in the evening a dark sphere, looking like a huge ball bearing hovered about a foot above my small trailer home. As I walked towards it, it silently rose straight up and was quickly out of sight. Later I was told it was a scanning device and that they used ones as small as an inch in diameter.

In time I began to see shadowy human like figures strolling along faintly seen paths towards some destination. I saw them when I went camping with an art group I belonged to far out in the desert. Here the faintly defined scenery was mountainous. Looking west from my home towards the pacific coast, I would see water lapping a shoreline. I was not able to see them when I looked straight up. Only when I’d be looking towards the horizon. Both night and day I was seeing flashes of light in the sky.

I am not sure when exactly that I ceased to see the shadowy figures but I began to see what I call shadowy wheels of light moving hither and yon, sometimes remaining stationary in the sky. When my eyes focused on one, it seemed to trigger a non-reflecting flash of light which I was told later were salutes. When this would happen, electric type jolt would pass through my body and still do.

Many times I have seen human like figures inside these wheels of lights and at a distance they appeared to be life size however, as they would come towards me, I would loose them. Then at a certain point if I refocused my eyes I would see them again. But they would be drastically smaller. At a closer point this would be repeated. At arms length they seemed to be an inch or two in diameter and I felt they were globular but as they got closer, they would disappear. I have often seen countless numbers of them linked together in huge chains high up in the sky and sometime miniature size outside my windows. If they swung themselves like a pendulum, I could converse with them. I have and still do this and am able to get confirmations regarding some of the messages I have scribed in rhyming verse for the Druids. Especially those given by Capt Hilarion of the star ship Jilsron (pronounced ilsron.) The Jilsron is what I thought to be a star the night I received the implants over my ears in 1968.

In late June of 1970, after reading a book written by Dan Fry claiming to have contact with UFO’s, I drove to his home in Merlin, OR and found myself involved in a big UFO meeting. I left after twelve days feeling reassured that I was involved in something I could handle.
I spent the 4th of July weekend of that same year, camping with friends on the beach near North Head Light House at Ft Canby, WA. It was there one morning I was able to get a picture of Capt Hilarions 125 foot saucer shaped ship, the Jilsron, which means voyager. One of my friends, Anne Quick, was walking almost beneath it and never saw or heard it. Nor did I. After arriving home a month later, I had the many picture I took from the trip developed at Longs Drug Store in El Cajon, CA. I was utterly surprised to see what was in the pictures. Even the picture I had taken of the flashing lights in the sky that I saw. The other pictures of lights I had not noticed as I taking the photos at the beaches while driving down the coast of Oregon, on my way back home to California.

Soon after this, I met Jim Entsminger, an old friend of the deceased George Adamski, who had written about his contact with UFO’s, when he lived in Mt Palomar, CA. Jim and his friend CV Mitchell became the nucleus of a group which attempted to make contact with Adamski’s UFO contacts. We tried table tipping as a method of verbal type contact. CV, a fragile man due to open heart surgery, became a very fine trance medium. It was through him that a strange voice told me that he was giving Hilarion to me as a teacher and that I would know his presence by his blue light (which just appeared on what I am writing.) The voice also added that names don’t mean much and the light was only for identification. As I arrived home that night, as usual I saw a group of wheels above my small trailer and from one there was a cascade cluster of large blue lights. This confirmed the message I received through CV earlier in the evening. Since then, the blue light will appear on things I am reading, on people and anywhere during the day or night. I also I see it at times with my eyes closed

One afternoon during a campout with a group on Mt Palomar, CV and I with open eyes, both saw what I believe to be a holographic projection of George Adamski. He was standing with arms folded, leaning against a tree motionless and grinning. The projection was about 15 feet away. Then, CV had called my attention and I looked back at him and saw Orthon. He was standing in back of CV with his hands on CV’s shoulders apparently because CV asked if they were there. I was too busy etching his face into my memory because it did not resemble the painting in the book titled INSIDE FLYING SAUCERS. His description had been given verbally to a female artist who specialized in painting Indians whom I later met. I KNEW IT WAS ORTHON whom I was seeing and this Orthon had a long soft oval face. Seeing this is not the same as seeing in our earth’s astral dimension. I was starting to do this during this period of my life.

It was after this experience that subtle changes started to take place in this group. We began getting contact with a UFO pilot who called himself YZ. One afternoon I idly did a charcoal sketch, life size of a mans head. It was so unlike the ones I usually do that I kept it, though the face was unattractive to me. Several nights later I showed the sketch to Jim and CV and CV instantly went into a trance state. A voice spoke through him saying I thank you Marge for doing the excellent picture of me. “I was in my ship over your house and saw what you were doing and projected into your mind, a portrait of myself, I am YZ. Several years later I saw a five foot tall young old looking man whose face was identical to the one I had drawn. This was at a meeting I was taken to at Charlotte Blobe’s one Sunday in Valley center, CA. There I was involved in the strangest experience I had ever had. It was much to detailed to describe in this brief profile of my life. As I became more clairvoyant, I felt and understood resentment towards me growing on the part of CV, so I left the group. CV had studied to become a Catholic priest but had never made it to the priesthood. More and more of those claiming to be saints kept speaking through him. Perhaps my unspoken desire to contact with these outside our planet accounted for CV’s attitude.

On July 23, 1973 a being channeled through CV and I was told to sit at my typewriter and be prepared to write a message. This I did, but it took all day. It was addressed to Capt Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut. The following is one paragraph in which he refers to me, I quote
“We have taken her step by step from physically projected phenomena to astral visioning of those who have passed over and she in now in our frequency vibration. We will bring her yet into another frequency range having to do with color”. I sent this letter and received an acknowledgement.

 A friend, Mimi Wagoner, was having meetings at her house with a group experimenting in materializing those who had passed over into the astral. Impelled by Hilarion, I joined it though I was somewhat skeptical of the whole thing because I had attended one séance in my life which left me unimpressed.
To the surprise of most of us, we began to get full materializations in about a month’s time. These human like people were able to converse with us and explain many things about life after death. Some claimed to have been husbands during some past lives. They actually demonstrated to us how they materialized one night. The only light we were allowed to have was given off by a large group of nylon scarf’s painted with fluorescent paint which was quite adequate once your eyes became adjusted to the darkness. A dark irregular shadow about two feet in diameter moved to the center of our rather large circle and began thrusting out what became an arm, then another, then a leg, and another and last the head and neck. A perfect man shape bounded to its feet talked to us and let us feel its warm solid flesh seeming to cover muscle and bone.

Jay Barham, the trance medium who made this all possible with his wife Marti, a trained nurse, were planning to establish a clinic for diagnostic purposes, using the entities who had been doctors in pervious lives. Many of them seemed to be the ones who materialized for us.
I stayed with the group for about a year and a half. The group increased in size and the Barham’s were able to establish their clinic at Lake Wolford, CA. The writer Elizabeth Kubler Ross had taken them under her wing. These encounters did give me a very solid foundation for the experiences I was to have later in my life.

On June 18, 1974 at 9:45 PM, a thirty foot saucer bounced slowly towards me from Mexico’s direction which is south. It came so slowly that I felt like reaching out to help it. Chet Vosberg, my next door neighbor saw it also. I ran into the house for my binoculars and before I could return he yelled that it had blown up and disappeared. A half hour later I saw it returning in exactly the same way as before, stopping in the same place above me. I called to Chet and he came out, saw it and hastily went back into his house. The ship expanded a reddish non-reflecting light which then seemed to slowly retract into itself so the ship became visible again. Then the ship slowly sank back into the sky just as our submarines sink under the water. For a minute or so a bright pin point of light remained then it too disappeared. Later another neighbor told me he saw it also. Much later I was told that the one piloting the ship was named Vok. I have seen him several times in meditation and have painted his picture which hangs on my wall.

In December 1975, I began to write in verse form and also channel in verse as well. That New Years Eve I felt my dead husband’s presence and the need to write and was given poignant message from him. In it I am reminded of a strange experience which occurred earlier in the year. The experience removed from me my past lives which were mostly filled with evil.
My Husband whom I loved dearly died a hopeless alcoholic. To me it was a terrible disease, one afflicting countless others and creating lives of misery for those not addicted to it. One afternoon I became lost in the true horror of alcoholism, in the memories I had put behind closed doors. I prayed as I never before have to the only source I had come to know, the one I call the Venerable One. I prayed that some means be found to help these poor lost souls.
The sun was a little past mid day and suddenly I was seeing what looked just like roller coaster cars streaking past me enclosed in a rose color cloud. In each seat were two figures leaning forward as though ready to rise the moment it stopped. It seemed endless and seemed to be coming down from the direction of the sun. It was a long time before I was told what I had seen however it was the answer to my prayers. I now know they were replicas of the 331 me’s, representing each life I had lived since coming to this planet. They were being sent to the lowest astral plane where the degenerating alcoholics existed.
The life essences in alcohol are called spirits and they are just that with minds patterned to destroy other minds by breaking down their memory structure of a macro mind (human minds.)
Incidentally, this was deliberately done to control mind, by an evil genius, Satan. He would do this to both his friends and enemies. Eventually they mutated into what we now call viruses, which is believed wasn’t anticipated by Satan. At least this is what I’ve been told in the messages projected through me, and also that these micro minds live physical life then die, going into their non physical existence Just as we do, then returning again. The micro minds take into their micro astral dimension the same emotional urges they had in their lives just as we do from our macro life experience.

Now for that unusual night that my past lives were taken from me. It happened this way.
All day long I kept hearing inwardly “a visitation”. I went to bed knowing that something was going to happen and it did. The moment I turned the light off, I saw above me a glowing scintillating object that had the shape of a head, neck and torso. As it came down towards me, I am sure there was a humming sound, but I don’t seem to be able to recall it. It clamped itself to me as filings are drawn to a magnet. Not as weight. I felt a million tiny needle type things penetrating every pore of my face chest and abdomen. I don’t remember seeing any appendages like arms and legs. I felt as though each cell in my body was experiencing child birth. It was awful but I kept saying over and over out loud that I could stand it just a little longer and somehow made time pass knowing it was something very important and that I must let them have as much time as I could stand. Finally I said “I can stand no more”. The machine instantly released itself from me and slowly rose. I soon went to sleep feeling none the worse for this very harrowing experience. A long time later I was told that they had removed from me, all my very unhappy past lives and also some cells for the DNA factors. Much later they told me they had created clones with the cells but they showed so much illness of a hereditary nature that they couldn’t be used. The bodies were destroyed.

June 24th, 1976, I received a message explaining a very wonderful experience I had relating to the astral. 48 years ago due to the birthing of my only child, a daughter, my bladder was injured and repaired. In 1962, due to a fall, it dropped again and was repaired and a hysterectomy was performed at the same time. My bladder again dropped in June of 1976. The night before I was to go to the doctor, it was repaired in the astral Just as I was falling asleep, I felt my wrists and ankles seized and was picked up in a spread eagle fashion by four shadowy men like forms. I know now that I was being carried down through tunnels which exist beneath where I live to a cavern deep in the earth. Two others were jogging along either side of me. I felt their jogging pace and when they stopped, they literally plopped me down on what looked like hard packed earth. The being on my right ran and picked up what looked like a triangular shield with a concave shape which they fitted over my body, just beneath my breasts. It had a point ending at the base of my body. They all then looked upwards, and so did I. Suddenly a sparkling stream descended splashing on the shield like a water fall, except it wasn’t water but more like sparks from a welder’s torch. It lasted just a few minutes then stopped. The being on my right picked up the shield and leaned it against a wall. I couldn’t quite see because of the dimness of the place. I was then picked up in the same manner as before, and plopped back into my bed. I was wide awake and knowing that I would not have to have another operation. The next day, my bladder was no longer down and it took about a week for me to feel right again. For quite a while I thought I had been taken out of body, but I was told they dematerialized me my body to do the healing and rematerialized me in the cavern.

One day I had been taken out of my body about three different times during that day and experienced what it was like to be in two places at once. Twice I was in what seemed to be a globe, like the wheels of light I see in the sky. The other time I was taken to a work ship and it was small. In it I saw Vok and Hilarion.

November 7, 1977, I was taken out of my body soon after I retired for the night. I couldn’t fall asleep then suddenly; my body seemed to start oscillating from side to side and I thought we were having an earthquake. Then my body seemed to feel like a shell with something oscillating inside it. It became faster and faster and I soon blacked out. There seemed no time lapse when I found myself wide awake in a strange room which looked like it could have been in any earth motel or average home. I was sure I had died and was in Hilarions ship and leaped to my feet throwing a light covering off. I never looked to see what I was wearing. I then walked to the door which was on my left and entered a plain rectangular room with several doors that were different then the one I came through. I became aware of having my own beautifully regular teeth and kept running my tongue around them savoring the feeling of them. In my body, my teeth had been bucked and overlapping in my youth, but I soon lost them and have had false uppers and lowers flapping around when I talked ever since. These were sheer joy.
As I walked into the adjoining room two women walked in front of me from another door to my far right and another woman in back of them. This woman was rather plump with short curly light brown hair, and brilliant blue eyes. She nodded and smiled as she left through the door to my left. I then saw myself in a large rectangular mirror on the wall. It was at shoulder height.
I looked about 25 years old with black hair drawn into a tight knot on the top of my head which appeared uncombed. My skin was creamy white and my eyes so dark blue that they looked almost black. I had a thin long nose and my face was oval. Something made me look over my left shoulder. When I did, I blanked out and was immediately back in my own bed and angry to be there. Later I was told the reason, but it is too involved to explain here.

I started writing messages in verse towards the end of 1975. The following is one of the first messages I wrote for Hilarion. Incidentally, I was born a blue baby and from the time I started grammar school I was challenged with being able to retain lessons I learned for any length of time.
December 23, 1975, Hilarion gave the following:
When you brought down to this tiny earth
And placed in a form, I Hilarion birthed.
You came into it with an empty mind
Simply because yours was left behind.

To be used in a way which may seem unkind
‘twas your body to which men were always inclined.
To paw, and to use and in it themselves to diffuse
Then to discard as other they’d go off to use.

Never did they look for the mind within
Hey merely saw the gesture and the grins.
They took the heart and tore it apart
And by many you were called a sinful tart.

And so it was from life to death
You did become a communal pet.
You suffered in silence and concealed your woes
As each new life brought you ugly blows.

Tossing you back to a place so low
The round at the base of the astral below.
Somehow you struggled back into light
And finally god heard and realized your plight.

And so his energy, the one called divine
Doth with your Christ light, within you combine.
The reasons for this we will now state to you
Was to bring mans actions on earth into view.

So the circle of five could analyze
From your own ancient mind which had been computerized.
Into a machine at the central sun
The place from whence you had originated from.

Now I suggest that all others will delve
Into the innermost lives of themselves.
If you feel you don’t belong to the planet earth
Turn your eyes to the sky and for your family search.

April 21, 1976, I drove to Dan Fry’s UFO Bicentennial meeting. En-route heading east at the highest point of High Way 8, between lakeside and Yuma, I saw a lot of reddish small ships streaking south. Two different pilots contacted me. One said he was from Mercury and the other from Pluto. The Mercurian voice was an octave high and painful to my ears and the pilot from Pluto was low and harsh.

At Tonopah I parked my van in which I slept at Dan Fry’s home, in order to plug into electricity. It was some distance from the meeting house. I met many people from all parts of the country there, and was continually in a high vibration. The first morning I was alone looking west over the desert and saw a wheel above in the sky flashing a blue light. As I watched it knowing it was Hilarion I saw it streak towards a dark cloud just above the meeting hall and go into it. A moment later the cloud moved towards me then swept down within about 40 feet of me. It looped back to where it had been. When it was directly in front of me I clearly saw several square windows just like those on the Jilsron (Hilarions ship.)

At the evening meeting, April 23, 1976, I left early so no one had as yet come outside. There straddling the road between me and my car was a huge black round object which I assumed was a ship though it looked like a huge black spider. It had two fifteen foot pair of legs planted firmly on either side of the road. It was about thirty feet in diameter. I felt no fear as I walked beneath it and looked up into a wide dark opening. I spoke gently to whoever was inside but nothing happened. I finally walked on to my car wondering if it was a space animal of some kind. It wasn’t until I got home on April 30, 1976, that I was given an explanation. It was Lucifer’s ship from the astral and he was in it. The message had been written by Lucifer’s grandson and it made him sound like one of our old time mobsters. It was too long to quote here. Later a friend sent me a book in which there was reference made to spider ships.

Before leaving Tonopah I saw Hilarion again briefly standing beside me as I channeled to a young Indian boy with my eyes closed. He was in light blue shinny coverall and a transparent globe covered his head. The upper part of the globe was dark and not transparent. I could see his blue eyes but not his face clearly because I had to concentrate on the tall nice looking Indian spirit standing in back of the young boy. He was projecting through me a message which may be governing his past life. When I finished, both instantly disappeared.

January 1976, I was camping on Mt Laguna with in walking distance of the radar towers. As I sat down on a stump in the early evening completely alone, I saw above me two large cigar shaped ships side by side and had a covered walkway connecting them. They were a bluish grey color and had blunt upturned bows. Large square metallic looking plates covered the ship. They were so close to me, I could see the large rivets’ holding them in place. They looked like submarines and I am sure they could perform this task. Later I was told they are called scows and they work on ships. A large square opening appeared high up on the side of the farthest ship and a very human like figure leaned out and waved an arm. I was so surprised I didn’t think to wave back. Then a similar opening appeared in the same place on the ship closest to me and about five wheels floated out and down towards me. They hovered about six feet from me. I asked if it was Hilarions ship and they swung side to side which meant NO. I asked if they knew Capt. Hilarion and they swung a forward and backwards which meant YES. I can’t remember what else I asked as I was in a state of surprise. This is why I will say so emphatically that the white wheels I see are from space ships which are also known as UFO’s.

March 19, 1978 I saw five ships just like the 1970 snap shot of the Jilsron at a camp out on Mt Laguna. It was early Good Friday morning and I was waiting for a group of young people to join me. I had been watching wheels flashing their lights when suddenly; four ships appeared above two tall pine trees directly in front of me. Then a fifth one swooped down to join them. The lowest one tilted and grayish beams of light funneled out of the windows touching the ground about fourth or fifty feet in front of me. Suddenly all five were gone without a sound. Minutes later, a jet streaked by just above where they had been. I roughly paced off the distance between the trees and it was approximately ninety feet. The ships had extended beyond each of the trees. Later I was told they were 125 feet in diameter.
Far in the background and centered under the ships was a tree with the top cut off. I kept noticing it as I looked at the ships and put it in the rough sketch I made right after they disappeared. A week later I went back to check my sketch and discovered that there was no tree with the top cut off where I had drawn it, nor was there any indication that there had ever been. I believe I was seeing them on a high frequency band. The same as I see the wheels but why the tree?
April 25, 1977, I saw the evening cloud covered sky with similar ships south of my home and probably over Mexico. They were identical to the five on saw on March 19th.

February 13, 1977, I sat in a healing circle presided over by Rev. Mildred Jensen in a group affiliated with the Science of Mind church in San Diego, CA. I had what I thought was a cancerous spot on my face. As I sat there with eyes closed, I saw the one who felt was Jesus, the healer sitting on a heap of rocks out of the center of which rushed a stream of water directly towards me. As the scene faded I felt a light touch my forehead. I brushed it away as I thought it was a fly but there was none in this place. When I returned home, I was immediately impelled to write. The message explained what I had seen and one line stated: I stood and touched thee on the brow.

June 16, 1976, I received a message in verse from the same source describing what it was like being nailed to the cross, which everyone should read. These messages I keep separate in a yellow binder with others from him, the one I call Jesus the father. He is the eldest brother of Capt. Hilarion; whose father I have been told is Zeus. The one mentioned in mythology. They told me, Zeus is another way to spell or say Jesus.

Several years ago I was sitting in meditation with my hospitalized friend, Peg. The moment I closed my eyes I saw four figures sitting on the opposite side of her bed. There was one by her head. A man whom I felt was her father. Next to him were her mother and then a sister, who died a number of years ago. Directly opposite me I thought I recognized her sister Beulah, who had died recently. As I mentioned her name, the figure leaned forward and nodded her head. It was after this that my dear friend Peg started having a series of strokes.
I saw her alive for the last time in a comatose state the day before she died. As I stood at the foot of her bed with eyes closed in prayer, I saw her standing outside her body and to its right, but she was above me standing level with the bed. Her arms were hanging at her side as she looked down at me. Suddenly she raised her left hadn’t and covered her eyes as she turned her head away from me. I knew she was crying. I saw her at the funeral and twice after that.
Peg had met George Adamski and believed that he had met aliens and it was she who started me on the path of understanding on which I am now walking. She was a fine psychic and was standing in my room one day when she said she was on board a ship and was seeing a tall man standing in back of a desk. I asked her to describe him and I wrote the description which resulted in my painting of Capt. Hilarion. When I asked what was the color of his eyes, she said she couldn’t see because they were like fire. She also said there were colors flowing all around the room.

February 22, 1979, I saw a bright light streak low over my home at terrific speed going south. I was told it was a ship piloted by Capt. Vok.

July 14, 1979, I went with a group on a tour of a tourmaline mine. It was on an Indian reservation Pala, CA. Most of the group had psychic abilities. As we sat outside the mine we closed our eyes and were seeing those in the astral who had been associated with the mine in its earlier days. Two girls on my right were seeing what I was. The following day I went alone to an ancient Indian mission nearby. Mass was over and a large group of Indians were gathering to have a potluck dinner. The room adjoined the small chapel and the silvery white rafters beautiful. As I stood admiring them I closed my eyes and instantly saw in front of me a group of handsome Indians and one white man. I saw two Indian girls kiss him on either cheek and saw him close his eyes in smiling bliss. I started talking very softly to them, blessing them with love and understanding. One man walked towards me with his hand stretched out. I extended mine as I would a physical person. As our hands seemed to meet, his disappeared. Others then came forward and the hand shaking and blessings were repeated many times. The last being I couldn’t see clearly but he was very tall and I felt the leader.

July 27, 1979. I was on my back patio moving my fingers from side to side and up and down, to try and strengthen the weak muscles in my eyes when I saw a tiny wheel attached to the tip of my index finger flashing its tiny white light. Then I noticed others clinging to my arm flashing their pin points of light. It was a delightful experience. I was told that these are placed around me for protection and when I transition into death and leave my body, these protectors will enfold me and carry me above to Hilarions ship.

Their effective protection was proved to me a year ago. I was camped in the crater of Mt Madre Grande in Dulzura. I sensed that I wasn’t wanted there but why I could not imagine. I had been seeing the Indians in the astral and felt their friendship. I had taken part in a meditation circle with a group of young people living there and had seen an old man rocking in a rocking chair in the center of the circle. He knew I could see him as did the Indians I had seen earlier. He was smiling and I saw him later at my home. The following morning, I was outside my car meditating into the sun when a small ship appeared in front of me with two men about four feet tall sitting in the cockpit, and three identical to them in the back. They had brown close fitting helmets on, and large dark goggles. The three in back were in direct line with my eyes and as I looked at them they suddenly turned in unison and a bright red stream of light shot towards me and seem to splatter out on an unseen shield about three feet beyond my body. I felt sheer hate emanating from them. Later Hilarion told me that had I not been shielded I would have had a stroke and would have died from it.

Hilarion tells me that the air we breathe are unpatterned units of energy or rudimentary minds. Compounded ones become complex units of energy which is an “I am” or spirit. The same essence, the spirit, which is what we really are, scientists have found weighs about two and a half to three ounces as we leave our bodies in death. Out of our bodies we would look much like the wheels I see in the sky daily. Know that many of them are those from space ships coming down to view our earth, and they do this in the only safe way they can, which is out of body. Long ago Capt Hilarion began sharing my body with me. It has been a happy and rewarding relationship for me and I hope for him. I asked that he project through me a sample of the hundreds of messages I have been writing for him and for others this far, which are always in rhyming verse form. He instantly complied with my request and gave the following:

I pilot a ship in a fleet above earth’s skies
A saucer shape does, to it, rightly apply.
We are here as a family seeking our brothers
And many already we have been able to recover.

We are also trying to bring your planets back to health
Through your underground testing make, through its agonies felt.
And so does the bleeding of its energies from your earth
Tend to complete man’s dastardly work.

Your nuclear reactors may completely erase
All kinds of life on your earths ailing face.
It is causing mutations in living cells to occur
Though this far-reaching evil you as yet, don’t infer.

We check the blood and genitals in your food animals to see
How advanced these evils have come to be.
The messages which we’ve projected through Marge
Explain many truths and can, mans knowledge enlarge.

Human minds and its thinking can be controlled
By grids which do your earth enfold.
Venus was jolted from its orbit long ago
Too close to your earth it passed you know.

According to some of the messages the planets Venus had its orbit between Jupiter and Mars, until eight and three quarter million years ago. It was atomic wars and some kinds of explosions of nuclear reactors combined that jolted it out of its orbit. It devastated earth, pulling out a huge land mass from the pacific and breaking the Americas from the Eurasian land mass causing the mid Atlantic rift.

On this second day of August 1979, I do solemnly swear in the name of God and all I hold dear, that what I have written in this writing “A Profile of my life of miracles”, is true and exactly as I experienced it without exaggeration.

Signed by,
Marge M. Ludeman
Witnessed by,
Ardell Campbell

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