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 If you are visting this web site for the first time, please read the entire message below.

All of the writings that were given by the extraterrestrials have been entered into this web site exactly the way they were originally given. There have been no modifications with the exception of some spelling errors.

We want to state that not all extraterrestrials come in peace and love. The truth is, the Universe is a very harmonious place however, in our sector of the Milky Way, there are some ET’s that are quite evil. Those ET’s who are abducting people without their consent or against their will are breaking cosmic laws. They are not a part of the groups that are sending these messages and are in no way supported by them. In addition, there are ET’s who claim to be peaceful but these beings are controlling our world and its perimeter, preventing us from connecting with other worlds and evolving. It is the hope of the Druids, that these ET’s will halt their controls and insensitivity.

Always question! And I mean everything, including these writings. The Druids who have brought these messages to us are the ones that emphatically state this. They say to even question them. The reason for this is because there are many man made belief systems on this earth. Beings both in the physical and non-physical realms are teaching half truths, the worst kind of knowledge. You need to look within and trust your higher self. We are not requiring this information to resonate with you but do ask yourself “could it be possible?” Also, the writings are always written in rhyme to prevent man from altering their meaning. We suggest you keep a dictionary handy. Enjoy!

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