Ardell’s Experiences

Ardell’s experiences Copyright © 2007
Ardell drew some of what she saw during her meditations and out of body experiences. She refers to them as “PLATES” and issues them a number. By clicking on the plate number, you will be able to see what she drew.

The Plates have not yet been uploaded.

April 16, 1980
After reading a book on gnomes, I retired for the evening, wondering how much of the book was truth? Just before going to sleep, I was doing some meditation. In meditation a gnome appeared over my bed. He verified what I was reading was so, and then brought his wife and child (an elf) who stood before him. You may see the sketch I drew on plate #4.

April 30, 1980
Two weeks later I was visited by a gnome and out of body, taken down to the center of the earth to see and draw the truth as well as learn more about the gnomes. We came to a gnome community and passed their homes, deep in the earth. The gnomes wave from the windows as we went by. As I was sketching this, the gnome who took me appeared on the background. I inked it in as it appeared on the paper Plate #5.

From outside their homes we went into what is called their workshop. This is where the furniture is made. The room was constructed of wood with pegs from the walls with hooks. Plate #6

To the right and down a few steps we entered quite a large living room. It was not crowded with items, but looked very comfortable with all needs necessary. Plate #7

Turning left and down a several steps we entered a very very large area. There were many small children like forms, all snugly tucked in by what seemed to be one large comforter. I actually felt like I was in bed with them. Especially with the one on the end who looked up into my face. On the other side, I saw a small arm reach up now and then. These are the ones we call elves. Tiny fragments of the gnomes own selves. They are creating them as fast as they can; in order to fulfill what for earth’s future is planned. Plate #8

May 1, 1980
Upon opening my sketch book I again saw a mural of gnomes faces appearing on paper. There was a mouse which also appeared and I believe was shown for a size comparison. Regardless of what appears on the paper, I am compelled to draw it in. Plate #3

A message from Capt Hilarion through Marge Ludeman:
Gnomes exist on all planets,
Where plants and shrubs and trees can grow
They are the oldest of all human kind
Having just simple pastoral minds.

Death is quite unknown to them
They’re between a life and death kind of dimensional blend.
The most ancient ones don’t remember when or where
They first were born, nor do any of them care.

Most of their children never grow to be gnomes
Yet some into humans by choice have grown.
They are very different from you or I
For s sedentary life is what they prize.

February 23, 1980
I looked up to the sky at 9:00 PM and all around me as well as above was a cloud formation in a symmetrical rounded cornered squares. They were about 8 to 10 inches. I could not give a distance but they did seem close to me. Shortly after I went to the patio overhang to examine what Marge and I call the canopy. They are mentalities all grouped together in their auric field.
In the past they appeared to me as cells of cloud or smoky substance, all hanging very close together sideways as well as up and down. Always moving and changing their forms to some degree. Plate #9

Tonight they were very clear and I saw centers which I had not seen before. My impression was that I was looking through a microscope. The drawings in this plate are the actual size of what I saw but have been told the screen I drew in plate #9 was a magnification, and that I actually saw the atoms in the minds of these cells or mentalities. The cloud like formation around the atoms is the auric field of the mentalities. Plate #9A

The atoms were constantly moving away from each other then back. There seemed to be a pattern of movement. Now and then one would jerk and move again in the same pattern.
A very bright gold thread like light would appear on the edge of these atoms and a bright popping light in the center would also appear every so often. I saw various colors from time to time as well.
The next night February 24, 1980, they appeared to be very close and no separation but the same light, color and movement. I was told these atoms are complex units of energy, or patterned mentalities.
After a few days, I viewed them as I had before their magnification. However, since then, I have seen what appears like physical forms in these auric fields.
You may select the following links to get an explanation about mentalities and units of energy.

March 5, 1980
This plate was originally given on February 5, 1980 but an explanation was given now.
I looked up to the ceiling of my bedroom and saw hundreds of round balls of various size and colors. They are unpatterned mentalities found in the clays used for the creation of bodies.
Plate #10
It was explained that these are within the clays. I called this formation the mother clay, as each color (mentality) is used for definite patterning within the structure of a body and the organs. This is of course highly magnified but is the actual size it was sown to me. Plate #11

March 18, 1980
On this night I was taken out of body to a dimension deep within the earth. I was told that I am in a sub-micro dimension when viewing these experiences in the earth.
Upon entering a cave like place, it seemed to glow without any apparent lighting. I looked down on a basin or hole and was impressed that this was where the clays for the creation of bodies was secured. I could see marks on sloping sides where it had been scooped out. To my left there was a long open trench, running off from a spoon shaped hole. This is where the actual body is prepared or created.
The bodies created are to my understanding the original bodies created for earth beings (androgynous.) There are also many such areas in the earth, not just the one I saw.
I have been told this is truth by Capt. Hilarion through Marge Ludeman, as well as the druid that was present the night I was taken down to the earth clays, his name is Troubellicus. Plate #12

February 5, 1980
At the materialization group in meditation. I saw four space brothers descend from the center of the room, which had gone into another dimension. They were 1 ½ feet tall, their small size is due to coming into our dimension, as their usual height is at least 7 feet. Upon descent to our earthly physical dimension, it compresses them and reduces their size. They appeared to be a translucent bluish silver to me. Although they tried to allow me to see them clearly, I could not do so well enough to draw them in detail. So I made a sketch that simulates what I saw. I was told their names were Capt Hilarion, Chandrah, Marzidon, and Knieparetus. Plate#13

April 29, 1980 (My birthday of 67 years)
I was given a thrill of seeing again the space brothers and their ships. They flew in across the ceiling. They appeared to be about 4 feet across, maneuvering up and down allowing me to see the top as well as the underside. When the last one was about to leave, I saw a space brother enter and the ship which had exhaust coming from it left with great speed. I was told these were what are known as scout ships and are about 30 feet in diameter. They looked dark with no shine. This was truly a great experience and maybe just a coincident, but a birthday I shall never forget. Plate #14

Ardell gives no explanation for plate #15 however she does provide a drawing and we are including it here. Plate #15

April 16, 1980
On this night I was taken down to a dimension in the astral, and was shown bodies lying horizontally with heads touching the person’s feet ahead of them. I saw row after row, one on top of another, layer upon layer. It looked like what we know as bunk beds. I hesitate to give a number but it seemed like hundreds as we scanned them. I also had a very depressed feeling, or one of sorrow.
These people were the slough-offs of many mentalities. I checked and received a positive confirmation that this was so. I was told that many spirits in the astral had now started to look for their slough-offs, due to the information brought forth from Capt Hilarion. (Refer to the archive of writings for more details on slough-offs.) Plate #16

This same night after viewing the slough-offs, I was taken into another room and was shown a slough-off that floated in, followed by two beings. They were trying to restore the desire to live. The one I saw was a beautiful girl that they were working on. There were also two elves present and I included them on the plate down in the left hand corner. The night following, the girl, as well as a young man were brought to me to view. They had successfully restored the desire to live, and evolve as individuals. They both appeared to be happy. Plate #17

February 7, 1980
I am putting this plate in as it was a beautiful experience, showing me a group of spirit mentalities slightly different then the usual ones I had been seeing.
This covered my entire ceiling and appeared as a beautiful group of flowers. They were magnified for I could actually see the mind existing in them or the mentality that they were. So often we do not stop to think of flowers or plants as being of a mind or mentality. They responded to the thoughts I was sending forth. Plate #18

March 11,, 1980
The ancient druid, “Troubellicus”, took me out of body on a trip down through the oceans depths. We passed many dolphins and other denizens of the deep. From a cave at the very depth of the ocean, I met the original father god of this earth, “Hod”. He was forced to go under the ocean almost nine million years ago due to the arrival of the Martian hoards. (Incidentally, Hod is no longer the spirit of the earth. He was replaced by one of Satan’s sons due to the extreme pain he experienced as a result of the many wars, hatreds, and atomic bombs the human race has inflicted. I am not sure when this happened but I feel that it was sometime in the late 80’s or 90’s.) Plate #1

April 19, 1980
My trip to the center of the earth this night was to a pyramid. Arriving at the center we came to a door or a wall. On it was a huge spirit many feet tall and at least 3 feet wide. He had a wood grain type texture with very large and penetrating eyes. After a while we were admitted through an opening to the interior of this particular pyramid. I was told this was the original spirit sent from the Venerable One to this earth at its creation. Plate #19

The next plate shows what I saw when I entered. It contained original patterns for the life support system on earth. Trees, flowers, animals, man, etc. These were leaning against the far upper wall of this circular room in the pyramid. Plate #19A

We left through the upper right hand side of the pyramid room and entered another cave or opening through the base of the mountain. Plate #20

We then entered a cave or room of pillars. There were symbols and carvings completely covering all of these pillars which were at least 2 feet or more wide. I could not see their tops, so I can’t tell you how high they actually were. These were the ancient formulas made at creation, for the creation of all earth’s life support systems of animals and the physical.
Plate #21

April 21, 1980
This energy mass appeared across the entire ceiling in my bedroom. After a while it came down to within a foot of my face and body. As it descended a very large beautiful face appeared. The eyes were extremely large. I felt this spirit was reading was reading my mind. After it had ascended, I was again taken to the center of the earth. Plate #22

The next plate shows the base of the cone shaped pyramid that I went around. We went up the outside to an opening and then into a tomb or enclosure and came upon a machine. Plate #23

I felt this machine to be of great importance. At first glance it reminded me of a type of gyroscope. Its was dark in the room and I could not see as much as I would have liked. I knew this machine had many functions and I wasn’t aware of them just by looking at it. It is one of four in the center of the earth. There are four pyramids, all cone shaped at the center of the earth. Plate #24

April 30 1980
Again I was taken out of body to the earth’s center where I saw this huge stone wall marked off in large squares. It was the Hall of Records and has the history of earth up until the take over of Satan, over eight million years ago. In the last squares I saw carvings of druids and then nothing, or blank squares. The gnomes were also shown in some of the last ones carved. The druids were the keepers of the records during this time. Although the records were stopped here, they tell me they were continued in a different level in the astral.
However, the knowledge of these records that were kept since the creation of earth and stopped with the Martian take over was not known by very many spirits now in the astral.  Plate #25

May 1, 1980
I entered a cavern huge in size and saw row upon row of bodies lying in countless numbers in all kinds of clothes. All ages seemed to be there as they were in a state of repose. These are the ones who with life were displeased, and each was a suicide. While they rested in sadness, none felt life as a desire. There was one in a wedding gown that they tell me had just been brought down. These all had been druids far back in time and had been brought to the cavern by their clan to again with them combine. I felt a great sadness as I entered this cavern. Plate #26

Next I entered a theater like place where people sat, many of them in embrace. Some where just talking and laughing, others seemed to be in a dream state. All seemed to be happy, as I had a joyous feeling when I entered. On the stage below entered a man in red finery with sparkles and glow. He was playing music. I was told that in the minds of people, different things were inferred (by the music.) They were to be shown soon on a screen the kind of a place which they had all dreamed, and also future kinds of life. Plate #27

May 2, 1980 Animal astral

Animal in deep sleep, safely kept for future re-patterning for the future use of man. They were in cell like structures. Plate #28

This plate shows what you could call an animal nursery. Some patterned ones were hanging from a rack. Many species were also sitting on a ledge under the hanging ones. These were some that could be of service to man, such as cows, sheep, elephants, etc. Plate #28

We then went to the right of the room or cave where beings could be shown and taught the creating of animals. There was a large mat and around it seemed to be clays used to create the animal bodies. Many rows of benches in a circular layout, surrounded one end of the room, with the instructor’s platform at the opposite end. Plate #29

The next room or cave we went into had huge hangings from the ceiling. All had carvings on them and seemed to be a granular tan structure. From where I was I could see a long tunnel to the left. They reminded me of veins. On the wall to my right I saw large carvings of heads only. To the left of this wall we went straight up quite a distance. Plate #30

Next we came up to a round space. I felt like I was in a center of a hole like a doughnut. In man’s measurements, I could have been about 5 feet down from the level of the machine that I could see. I saw it had rectangular cars, seeming to be chained together. There was one car in front, then a large tube like structure followed by three more cars. It would move clockwise very fast and come to a stop with the tube rotating for a time, then make the same move again. (The machine was dark metal with no shine)
The room was lined with wood, and beams supporting the ceiling and looked very clean. There seemed to be a tack of some kind that went around the entire room. Plate #31

We moved into another level of the astral where I saw many apartments. There seemed to be row upon row , with box like openings and no fronts. I could see very well into them. All were well lit some furnished very lavishly, others quite simply. They gave me the feeling of peace and joy. I could see beings moving around in them. Plate #32

Next to the astral apartments there was a very ornate arch. We went through the arch and could see the brilliant light that seemed to be past it. It was so bright and lit up; I thought it was a type of church we were entering. Plate #33

Once through the arch I could see what appeared to be a type of city street. It had brick homes with no space between them. They were built connected to each other in a long row on both sides of the street. Some looked like they were three to four stories high with small garrets on the top of some. The roofs were also quite ornate and had various types of trim on them.
We actually saw very few people on this well lit street. The people I did see seemed to be going to something at the far end of the street. Again I felt a peace and good feeling from this. I could not get over the beautiful glow that seemed to be all over this city street, with no apparent means of light in view. Plate #34

The animals in the plate are what I call “the beings of the deep”. A name I gave for them. It is like the one that I made my trip on, to the center of the earth. I didn’t realize what I was riding on until after. At no time did I feel insecure but rather, a beautiful feeling of love and oneness with all. This feeling prevailed during all the trips I have made to the center of the earth. These are mentalities that have chosen to be of service in this way. Their services are many. They have great mentalities of a humane nature and breathe helium for their support system. They are capable of moving at great speeds and perform the many services needed all through the earth and in our atmosphere. They have come to me many times since and when I have projected love to them, I have seen tears flow from their eyes. I also have felt the love they project.
They are very large however; there are variations to some degree. I have seen many others that differ in small ways and assume it’s based on the type of work they chose to do.
Most to my knowledge have chosen this life but as I understand it, they are also capable of incarnating if they so desire. Plate #35

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