Captain Eckellenter

Capt Eckellenter  Copyright © 2007

August 24, 1981. Written to Marge

I am Eckellenter whom you knew long ago
I’ve been back to my home on a long furlough.
You’ll remember it’s a planet in the Orion belt
There for many ages my family has dwelt.

We live as once our clan did on your earth
But we love our planet so it retains all its worth.
You’ll be seeing it very soon
Once your a wife and Hilarion your groom.

I had a mate for a very short time
And am seeking another with whom to rhyme.
I am looking for one I can take from your earth
One desiring to leave the miseries it does on them exert.

I’m looking for Norma that good friend of yours
Hilarion described her as vivacious and pure.
Her grandfather I have yet to meet
For he has become a member of our fleet.

Our great fleet of ships are standing by
To save your planet should things go awry.
I have learned your language I hope you will note
So I no longer need Hilarion to make for me some quotes.

I truly am sorry about your eyes
But your sight won’t be limited after you die.
I must say your body’s in an awful mess
I wish you could change it as you do your dress.

We can , you know, without a fuss
And it doesn’t a continuity, of our life, disrupt.
I think Hilarion told you we had other bodies too
Which we, on different mother planets, are able to use.

It is a sharing kind of thing (sharing a body)
And knowledge to these friends we also bring.
This is a joy you are going to know too
When out through trillions of stars you will move.

This you will do when you leave your earth
For together as a group we all will work.
Chandrah and Ardell may join us too
This is something for them to choose.

She is a very beautiful soul
And Chandrah is lucky to have on her a hold.
We are seeking those who are part of our clan
To take them as mates if we possible can.

In this way they easily re-assimilate
With their people when they do so with a mate.
Your mating will be permanent but others need not be
For you were trained most specially.

I’ve read all your books and understand them well
The ones in your home duplicated on the shelves.
In the cabin of your ship which once you had
Now attached to Hilarion’s I have to add.

He’s lovingly worked to make it look like the homes
Similar to those which on earth you have known.
Your ship had deteriorated with age
Though your father, many repairs on it made.

You will have a new one of a different kind
As soon as you, with Hilarion, have lived for a time.
This is a message from your father to you
He’s with the circle of five and has much work he must do.

I love your Hilarion he’s my most ancient friend
We’ll all be together as soon as you ascend.
Then your father will quickly return
To oversee the plans which for earthlings will our existence confirm.

Hilarion writes:

I Hilarion am back with Marge
I must say she keeps me working too hard.
She is watching TV as she this message writes.
The play is “MASH” and it does us delight.

We also watch it on our ships
And another which has the name of “CHIPS”
But “DONAHUE” is the one we like best
From it we’ve learned much we have to confess.

We fear your president is shaking a sword
(Reagan was in office during this time)
Another war your earth can’t afford.
Also it doesn’t need any more bombs
Your president is one of whom we aren’t fond.

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