Constantine Copyright © 2007

By Hilarion April 27, 1976

Back in the time when Constantine ruled
He and another, their knowledge they pooled.
They decided to do away with that
Which were, in truth, some godly facts.

They took from man a knowledge so great
That man could never again equate.
With that which is the way with stars
And so they did finally all earthlings mar.

At first they condemned and put to death
Many of the ones whose minds were kept.
The knowledge of yore of god’s own truth
And they themselves forgot the proof.

‘Twas also done in the astral belt
By laws which they through Satan dealt.
They used him because he was young in mind
And liquors did most of his chords unwind.

Another approach from the Far East trained
All mans minds into a way of shame.
The Phallic symbol was placed above
All which in truth is godly love.

And so man kept the androgynous ones
From ever again knowing how life was begun.
And so the bodies as females were shamed
By the animal hoards when from Mars they came.

Four times the Earth tried to alter these ways
But each time there remained the animal strays.
‘Twas always in the astral where the unholy one ruled
Controlling with wines which turned men into fools.

All the ones on Earth who control the clans
Are themselves controlled by the evil man.
The higher they’d go the more often they’d drink
Unbinding their souls so downward they’d sink.

Into lies lowering all of their creeds
And soon from their minds all honesty would bleed.

The end.

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