Contact with Jimmi Hendrix

Contact with Jimmi Hendrix.

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April 17, 1976, I was going through an accumulation of papers I had, when I came across a pamphlet given to me by my friend Pat Hurley. It was about her psychic experience with Jimmi Hendrix.
On September 19, 1970 she apparently awoke about 3:00 AM sensing that someone was in severe pain. It increased terribly and then suddenly stopped. She heard a voice say “Dear God, what have I done?” That was all.
The following morning she drove her husband to the naval base and as they were listening to the radio in the car, the news about Jimmi Hendrix death was announced. He was a stranger to Pat but she started to buy his records and familiarize her self with him because she felt they had somehow made a connection at the time of his death. On September 30, 1970, she was driving home, when he appeared on her windshield. She was able to see through him and continued driving. She heard him say, you are the only one who felt me die. Since you have shown an interest in me, I want you to have this poem that I have written. The following is an excerpt; the original pamphlet is in my file.

Man you’d better live for now,
It ain’t no fun on this side.
No need to eat, no need to sleep,
No need to check the weather.
No way to show the friends you know
That you are still together.
I try to speak to show my friends
That I am still among them,
But they don’t see, and they don’t feel.
My presence goes unheeded.
One speaks my name another laughs
And says “he was a wild one.”
How easy it is to forget,
The dead are just not needed.

I have no wings no shoes of gold
I have not changed much really.
I see my friends, they see me not
I find new faces who are not
Indifferent to my pleading.
We speak, we talk, and soon I go,
Dear earth please listen to me.

There is no passion, no desire
No hate no greed no fighting.
I miss you earth with all your pain
And your cold heart bleeding.
I miss the passion deep and hot.
I miss the small things I have not.
I miss the pain of loss and want.
I miss pride of possession.
To you these things may all seem bad,
But they are part of life.
They make a man grow stronger
By conquering wrong and doing well.
No desire is purely hell.
I miss the ways of life.

So now I go to my sweet rest
My passions now grow colder.
It seems a waste, because you see
I never will get older.
I do not eat, I do not sleep,
I have no body to up keep.
My heart was beating now its still
I know if I’d not had those pills
I’d still be playing life’s cruel games.
Seeing and knowing faces and names
Of people feeling pleasures and pains.
So live for now, don’t mess life up
With crutches that just shut life out.
I love you all so hear my plea,
Go straight for now, don’t follow me.
I miss the life of love and hate,
A life you don’t appreciate
Until it is too late.

As I was reading the above he started contacting me. He had apparently, been wandering in that purgatorial area between earth life and the astral realm since his death in 1970. I started telling him that he should go towards the lighted area.
I asked him if he had also been an alcoholic and he said yes. I then told him I believe that he must get his soul chords retied, and that he probably didn’t realize it but that he was loosing many of his past lives. I told him that in order for this to happen; he must leave this area and go towards the light to find someone there to help him retie his soul chords. Later the following message was given to me by either Hilarion or Jesus the father.

We could hear the one who was lost
And the ones whose lives they’ve tossed.
You did exactly right
Sending him towards the light.

This is what your friend should know
When a bleeding and lost soul
Comes into her psychic range
She should do exactly the same.

For the corridor in between
Earth and the astral is dim and mean.
Many are lost in its density.
Always they are in adversity.

To that which is God’s own great way
For their minds are too dim to towards it sway.
Liquor has cut the chords of their souls
Many previous lives the souls can no longer hold.

Within their auric envelopes
And so it is they can no longer cope.
And now their minds become empty and drear
And deep within selves there emerges great fears.

The blue light is shining with vigor that’s bright
And it’s going to show in all the things which you write

I am very grateful to Pat for having shared her experience with me. I had forgotten about it but it served as a confirmation for the many lessons or messages I’d been receiving during the past year. It helped to bring understanding to things I was being shown visually at this time. Some of the things I had been seeing revolted me and I couldn’t understand why I was being shown them. Now I understand and am glad that I was shown them. Glad I’ve been able to bring help to them.

Note: Patricia Hurley owns the COPYRIGHTS to Jimmi Hendrix poem. It is on this site for informational purposes only.

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