“I Jesus” Short Version

“I Jesus” Jan 27, 1986 Copyright © 2007

I, Marge Ludeman was reading the “Mystical Life of Jesus” by H. Spencer Lewis published by Amoro, from the Rosicrucian Library. It claims that Jesus was born in an Essene hospice. I have been given in messages that it was in a stable of an Inn, early in the spring.” It was an unusually wet and cold spring” was in part of the messages…The time agrees with what is written in the book. Here comes a message:

I Jesus was born in a manger on clean fragrant hay
I came sooner then expected while we were on our way
To an essence hospice where my mother was to stay
It is recorded in earth’s archaic records in just that way

It can be proven is what I mean
I was immediately taken to the hospice of the Essenes
We were put on a litter by the magi
And quickly taken there my mother and I

Many believed it was there I was born
For to be born in a hospice was for an Essene a norm
Only the son of the Inn keeper knew
So quickly from the manger we had to be moved

It was recorder in his memory bands
The magi tried to make his mind expand
Though he didn’t belong to the Essenes at the time
He had a young open willing mind

He was the husband whom Marge loved in this life
But he was in a body too filled with remembered strife
It was filled with the demons in liquors I mean
Which weren’t in mine when I was an Essene?

Jan 29, 1986 I have now finished reading the Mystical Life of Jesus. For as it has been said, Jesus that I felt so strongly a person I had known become a stranger to me. The books based on records kept by the Rosicrucian in India, Tibet, and Egypt. In many ways it agrees with what I have been given by the one claiming to be Jesus the Essene. Messages which have started ten {10} years ago at a time when I knew very little about the bible and nothing regarding the Essenes. I already have a kind of knowledge which is coaing into my mind about what is to be written. If it is what I think it is, I want to emphatically ask those in the astral to check it for truth by going through the earth’s archaic records which it weaves daily and nightly as it spins around the sun…Message as follows:

I Jesus whose body was dead on the cross
Was taken down and into mud tossed
My mother and father took me down into a cave
Cleansed me and anointed me and prepared me for my grave

They wrapped me in a shroud of cloth woven by my mother
Then left me alone to go to my half brothers
A stone was rolled over the entrance to the cave
But I wasn’t quite dead as there I lay

I was picked up and run with by unseen beings
Then a rush of energy, my body was receiving
And through the fabric of my shroud a great light I was seeing
And all through my body vibrant life I was feeling

Then it was dark and I was moved again
And into a deep sweet sleep I did descend
I awoke in a room deep down inside earth
Feeling physically fit and mentally alert

My shroud was folded neatly on a chair
Then I saw a man standing tall and fair
He told me I must return to my mother
That I must not let her longer suffer

Then I saw gnomes whom I’d seen from time to time
Twas up a long tunnel which we almost had to climb
Where they showed me a stone door through which they made me go.
Back in the cave I’d been and then door they closed

I climbed the steps which took me to where the entrance was
And went to my mother Mary whom I did so dearly love
I found her alone lying ill in her bed
She thought I had risen from the dead

I then gave her my shroud which she stared at aghast
And too her heart she then it clasped
On it had been stained a replica of me
As in death I had lain for all to see

Another she told me had taken my place
Who looked like me in form and face
That all my disciples believed he was me
That I must be careful who I went to see

She asked me to hide my shroud and I did
Then good bye to my mother I bid
I then sought out my beloved bother John
He I trusted for of me he was fond

He could not believe that I was me
No sign from heaven did he receive
He told me to leave and to leave in peace
And for the moment I felt defeat

Then he told me I had to hide
For god did not with me abide
I went to my disciples one by one
And found that by each one I was shunned

Then I went to Mary Magdalene
Feeling I was in a nightmarish dream
I couldn’t find her so I returned to my home
To find her with my mother then the truth to me was made known

They knew and imposter was impersonating me
And that it was Satin was what they believed
My step father Joseph wasn’t that sure
They didn’t dare speak out, for their lives were insecure

But when they saw the shroud they knew it was I
For my mother had woven it to be her own by and by
They feared for my life and pleaded that I go
For my impersonator had on my disciples a strong hold

I had made many enemies, this I knew
And my father in heaven had away from me moved
We formed a circle and prayed and prayed
But no contact with him could be made

My disciples I knew I could not trust
For each had his own kind of personal lusts
That was proven when I was nailed to the cross
And while on it contact with my father I thought lost

The agonies I suffered I hope I can forget
And that I made my mother suffer I shall always regret
With my heavenly father finally a contact was made
To leave Galilee was what he bade.

I left on foot, dressed in rags
And for a time for food I had to beg.
Then I joined a caravan,
And did many jobs I could do with my hands.

I no longer prayed to the angels in the sun
I felt betrayed by everyone.
I finally reached my Tibetan friends,
And there my breaking heart began to mend.

There I was shown the deep tunnels in earth,
I met many gnomes and learned how they worked.
I understood them as never before
Many cosmic laws which earths hierarchies ignored.

I learned to leave my body and do so at will
My angers subsided and my potentials I began to fulfill.
My father in heaven made contact with me.
All seem right again, as right as could be.

I missed my mother, whom I so dearly loved,
Then my father said son, she’s been taken above.
I heard his words though they came from far away
Then he told me I still on this planet must stay.

I traveled through the tunnels deep inside earth
I was guided by some gnomes who taught me much of worth.
I was taken to a land I didn’t know existed,
With high mountains and forest through which many streams twisted.

My guides left me there and would help me return
In the mean time there was much knowledge to learn.
I looked with wonder at this beautiful land
And wondered if its people I’d understand.

The gnomes had described them and the strange ways that they lived,
And some words in their language they were able to give.
Jan 30, 1986 9:20 AM, I had to stop last night as it was past midnight.

These words I believe truly saved my life
For I found this new world too filled with evils and strife’s
The gnomes had explained to me the needs of planet earth
And that it was its great spirit for whom they worked.

The spirit of the cosmos they also spoke about
It put some of my ancient belief patterns to route
You know them as Indians, the ones I met
Though there ways were strange, they soon showed me respect.

They saw my eagerness to learn their ways
And so in their village I was invited to stay.
They worshiped the sun and regarded it as god,
They loved the earth and did not from it, its energies rob.

They knew of the gnomes and its spirit life,
I learned many things, I knew must be right.
I climbed back to the cave which seemed to me like home,
For I soon needed to meditate, where I could be alone.

I sent thought forms above to the father I loved,
I visualized them carried by the spirit in a dove.
My body was aging and my youth was long past
And then I saw his ship at last.

He landed near the mouth of this cave
And the great strengths in his love to me he gave.
He asked me to return from whence I had come,
And to let my body to its death cycle succumb.

He told me I had to stay longer on earth
And enter a body to learn how through them Satan worked.
When my body died I must quickly go to Rome,
And enter a body and as Leonardo D’Vincie to the world be known.

The mother of my new body was a harlot and its father worse,
I grew up feeling a great curse I had to nurse.
The body’s memories were evil and unclean
I grew up surrounded by that which was obscene.

I had the urge to faint at an early age,
And soon I was living like an actor on a stage.
I felt I was living two lives at once,
As deeper and deeper into lechery I sunk.

I kept my sanity by painting day and night,
And took this art to its greatest height.
The Mona Lisa was like a mother I remembered,
To strange kinds of dreams, in sleep I surrendered.

I dreamed of flying and beauties of all kinds,
And felt my body was a prison, in which I was confined.
I painted pictures of those I saw in my dreams,
But my waking life was filled with things obscene.

I will say no more about this evil life,
But I understood why it was so filled with strife’s.
When I left my body I was drawn down into hell,
A place where evil demons dwell.

Twas then I remembered my father above,
And felt all around me a flood of his love.
It drew me up, out of this place.
And for a time, my evil life it erased.

I found myself floating far beyond earth.
And heard my father’s voice as for me he searched.
He took me aboard his strange great ship,
And with a new soul body, I was then equipped.

The old one with all my earth memories then,
Was put into a machine to be studied, my friend.
I was put into a school for a very short time,
And was taught many things, which I thought were sublime.

I was then sent to stay with the spirit of earth,
To help destroy Satan was the goal towards which I worked.
The Venerable One and you could call him a God.
Ruled the Milky Way as was his job.

He was gentle, loving, and kind,
The children he created were gentle and refined.
However somehow a mistake seemed to have been made,
Because one ancient son, from his teachings, strayed.

His name was Satan, not Lucifer my friends,
For Lucifer was the tribal leader of animal like men.
Lucifer had evolved on the planet Mars,
When Satan landed there in a ship from another system of stars.

Satan did to Mars what he’s done to your earth,
Redirected the energies, which gives it its life supports.
It is used in the fuel which energizes your cars,
In houses you build and the tools which are.

It has been sloughed off in the wastes you make,
And now your planets own life is at steak.
All your hierarchies have been at fault,
I am the true Jesus about whom they talk.

My Jesus body is in India entombed,
For I returned to India, my job to reassume.
An imposter my friends took my place,
While I was having blood in my body replaced.

My mother Mary knew this was true,
But there was nothing one old woman could do.
However Marge has taken part in Satan’s demise,
And this is something all who have been female will prize.

The one who pretended that he was me,
Was one of Satan’s son’s who he conceived.
He now has become the spirit of earth,
And for his own safety he now must work.

His grandfather the Venerable One so decreed,
For from planet earth, he will not be freed.
If it disintegrates so will he.
And so will some others who won’t be let go to be free.

There are the ones, who had a part,
In instigating a despicable plot.
These truths are in earths records for all to see,
And this truth when it’s known will set others free.

I Jesus will be taking Marge up to my father’s ship,
As out of her earth body and soul she’ll be made to slip.

Jesus the Christ through Marge Ludeman, Capt Hilarions scribe.

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