Let’s Suppose

Let’ Suppose Copyright © 2007

By Capt Hilarion, scribed by Marge Ludeman

Let’s suppose that the winds of Mars are completely alive
And are filled with spirits who, on Mars, survived.
The atomic wars which once were waged
And which, by an evil mind, were staged.

Suppose no bodies were left to incarnate in
And that this, for a planet, is a terrible sin.
Bodies have flora and fauna, you know
And flora is like the skin which, on your bodies, grow.

Different kinds of fauna are necessary too
For to live means energies must circulate around and through.
To make a planet live and to keep it alive
And energies need bodies to help make it survive.

A planet is a body which is much the same as yours
Its sisters and their mates keeps it steady and secure.
A flower depends on a honey bee
And worms must air ate the roots of your plants and trees.

Microbes are the fauna which are necessary to you
To help your body function in the ways it must do.
The hair on your skin is the flora you must grow.
And so are the scales on a fish, please know.

These serve the purpose your trees do for your earth
Each part of a body must, another part, support.
‘Tis the same with all living things no matter what
But a fault in their foundation can make all structure rot.

So what is a structure – what does this mean?
Some are the kind which cannot be seen.
Your governments have been structured by groups of men
They have been based on hypocrisy from beginning to end.

Elitism is a word man should think about
It undermines people and puts honesty to route.
This is what’s wrong and makes governmental structures end
For elitism does, with inertia, blend.

Are there governmental structures which don’t, each other, abuse
And doesn’t its basic components confuse.
Every mentality must play its part in the whole
Interaction with harmony must be, for all, a goal.

Now, regarding death, I must say to you
Suppose it’s not the end – Just the start of what’s new.
Just suppose it’s the part of a necessary change
Which causes mental energies to be trained and restrained.

Think of this as a truth from a higher source
Study this well then chart your own course.
Harmony and peace on your earth must be obtained
If earth in its orbit is to, in your futures, remain.

Let’s suppose, that thirty million years ago
Your earth was populated but sparsely so.
That animals did not prey on each other
And that flowers and trees, did your planet seem to smoother.

That animals ate their fill from the shrubs
And that none were infested with things you call bugs.
Rain would fall like a heavy dew
Each balmy night from the clouds it would spew.

Fruits and vegetables in abundance grew
And nature would dry them so they’d still be fit to use.
Gradually, into powder, all things would go
Back into earth to help their children to grow.

The rains would dilute them and return them to earth
And after a time, they would have a new birth.
These living essences you might call a mind
Atoms of life which become structured through time.

All things are related dear reader, please understand
Life for those atoms was like traveling through strange lands.
But after a while, like your sailors in ships
Back to their home port, they were glad to slip.

Out of the bodies they were traveling through
They’d find themselves going like falling dew.
Weary with age but filled with joy
That again they’d been able too, their own talents, to employ.

To help robe their earth with its plants and its trees
Each species of life belongs to a family you see.
Each exists in his own universe
And each is given birthrights in the ways he can work.

Can you believe that when your earth was born
It too was given talents so certain jobs it could perform.
Your earth was born to be like a womb
Consisting of many mansions with countless cell-like rooms.

Would you believe that somewhere in your past
This knowledge was lost but soon you’ll get it back.
Your earth is like a great unwieldy train
Traveling through a tunnel the way it was trained.

Trained by its mate and its sister planet too
Having its goals just as it should be with you.
I have given you lots of food for thought
But isn’t this how a baby is taught?

Let’s suppose that once upon a time
When earth was young and peacefully inclined.
There lived a people whose gentle ways
Endeared them to earth’s spirits which invited them to stay.

They came in a star ship to rest a while
And a few remained as was their life style.
They were welcomed by the gnomes and their children too
And soon with earths patterns of life they fused.

They created families by natural means
Using special caves where certain clays with life gleamed.
‘Twas deep in earths pores which you’d call tunnels today
That two mates would lie together and impregnate these clays.

The sperm and the egg would mingle, you see
In what was a tiny clay cavity.
The parents would lie together in an aura of love
And time would pass with no desire to return above.

They kept their child bathed in fluids you see
Like a tadpole it swam in a safe warm sea.
True love we don’t think earth people really know
But this is how druids did their precious seeds sow.

They had no wombs or penises to use
So outside their bodies their seeds were fused.
Their children were perfect and the seventh one
Would be the most gifted when his life begun.

Each of the six would have different kinds of gifts
But together as a whole they’d harmoniously fit.
This is one of natures many ways
The life of species to prolong and save.

This method is kind to a human-like race
One which originated far out in space.
They have no gods of the kind you have had
Only seven children would they create, I add.

These your history books call the Druids
But knowledge of them has disappeared as does fluids.
Another time I will tell you more
For their kinds of bodies are a kind you might adore.

Androgynous your dictionary would label them
They are the highest kind of a human blend.
But the spirit within is no better then you
For they are mentalities with enlarged points of view.

Let’s suppose you might like the bodies you are in
Ones which are free of inherited sins.
Supposing you’d like to be a spaceman like me
Just express this desire and then wait and see.

Let’s suppose that long ago in earth’s skies
Appeared a fiery orb seeming twice earth’s size.
Red with fires and black with smoke
Wouldn’t it great misery for humans invoke?

Would you believe me if I were to say
Almost nine million years ago it happened this way.
A few near the North Pole did stay alive
And a great many in Tibet did survive.

The sky rained rocks and fires did abound
A terrible jerk did all living things confound.
Then, for a time, your earth didn’t rotate
And water poured over what fire did devastate.

Then earth became frozen like a ball of ice
No sun in its sky did life entice.
Time no longer did for earth exist
Perhaps you are wondering how I know all of this?

Just suppose I am not quite like you
That living on your planet is something I don’t do.
But supposing that someone I dearly love
Had actually seen what I described from above?

Just suppose she had been traveling in a ship
And saw the planet Venus from its orbit slip.
Her ship was too small to make its course change
But she did try to lessen some earth people’s strains.

She couldn’t do much but she did help some
For sustaining energies, she did from her ship to some survivor s run.
Food and sustenance she was able to beam down
To those who survived on earths highest mounds.

Remember your bible speaks of Manna from heaven
Research the word Manna, twill your knowledge leaven.
Now where do you think these words could stem from
Surely not the mind of an earth bound one.

Again I am giving you food for your mind
Once as did another who did words in parables combine.
Savor this food as savor it well
Ask yourself would you forever in your body wish to dwell?

Just suppose you were given a choice
To choose another kind of life.
What kind would you choose as you look above to the stars
Knowing a little bit of  what maybe you are.

Let’s suppose that before your history began
Your earth was existing under a different regulatory plan.
That peace was the goal of every embodied soul
And that mankind did many virtues enfold.

Let us assume that earth to them
Was the source from which all life did stem.
Let us assume that they had no gods
But that they knew how evil it was to rob.

Lets us say not only, not to rob from each other
But living parts from the earth, their mother.
Your bible tells you in its devious way
That all your bodies are of earthly clays.

From dust it came and to dust it must return
This is a truth we do not spurn.
Let us suppose that there’s a part of you
Which isn’t your body and which your body’s eyes cannot view.

Let us suppose you’re a deep thinking mind
A wheel of energy to an earth body confined.
Your a scintillating grouping of energies
Having no solid consistency.

Let us suppose you want to stay
Close to the ones still living in clay.
That you still can hear them and see them too
But you cant make them hear or know you’re still you.

Now let us suppose that you feel yourself drawn
Into a place where all is brain without brawn.
Into your earth but not into a grave
How was it possible you were from it saved?

As quickly as you thought this around you, you saw
A bevy of phantom shapes around you draw.
You heard their thoughts as they answered your own
And many seemed like those who, on earth, you’d once known.

Then suddenly a face would float in front of your eyes
‘Twas a loved one long dead who seemed twice as much alive.
You hear music of a kind which you’ve never heard
It seems apart of what’s you, yet it’s speech without words.

Just supposing that I say to you
I am just like that but I also can you view.
Can you accept the fact that I gave Marge these words
Or would you consider it as being absurd.

But just supposing what she writes is true
Wouldn’t some fears from people’s minds be removed?
Weigh this with what you know of your earth
Let your heart guide your mind, as to what has true worth.

Your planet is one of a great many others
Your atomic devices can make many of them suffer.
Especially if your reactors chain reacted
And into your sun as a nova contracted.

And suppose there’s a fallout of a kind undetected
Which not only yours but other planets have effected.
And supposing that many in your Milky Way
Have gathered around your planet, your planet, to save.

Other suppositions we shall also make
That more then your planets life is at stake.
That your whole Milky Way must in its orbit stay
And not be made to wobble in any serious way.

Now suppose Venus had been between Jupiter and Mars
And that from its orbit it had been given a great jar.
And supposing it passed to close to your earth
Maddened by atomic wars which had sent it berserk.

Some evidence of its passing should on earth remain
Like its broken plates and other injuries it sustained.
Suppose it drew from earth a huge land mass
And made Europe and Africa from the Americas break in half.

Are these not logical suppositions, I ask?
Why not look for proof – ‘twould be an interesting task.
Wouldn’t Venus passing leave behind it a trail
Of broken bits and plates which around your earth would sail?

Lets suppose earth had another moon
Would this be too far fetched for you to assume?
Another task I am going to suggest
How would two moons an earth effect?

Your imagination I will titillate
By suggesting that there are countless dimensional states.
States of beingness into which one can go
Providing that life after death is so.

Why do you try so persistently hard
Your energies in games to continually discharge?
Supposing that exercising you didn’t longer do
Wouldn’t your body start to degenerate too?

Just supposing your earth stopped dead in its track
What would happen – have you thought of that?
Short circuits can happen to all electrical systems
The same can happen to your earth and your own center of wisdom.

Just supposing that nuclear waste
Was taken and discharged far out in space.
What would it do to the inhabitants there?
I ask you, dear friends, would it, to them be fair?

Since you cant see the micro worlds existing around you
Shouldn’t you suppose that there are some out there too?
I have given you some things to think about
And hope your earth continues on its orbital route.

Lets suppose that history can and does repeat
And that a great earth cycle is almost complete.
Suppose your star system is entering a zone
From which many beliefs good and bad have grown.

Suppose that the forces of evil which have swarmed
Have, on earth’s surface, again been born.
Supposing the evils which flourished then
Now, in great multitudes with earths minds, blend.

Hitler was one whose urge was to rule
And many others were trained in the same school.
Emperors and kings with their high priests too
Caused earths many evils – your history, this proves.

Democracy was from aristocracy born
But only another kind of domination it spawned.
Huge combines sis with many lusts align
Taking control of the gentler minds.

From a would be democracy they sent out their claws
And earths own life giving energies became a cause.
Supposing ’twas done by some of our own beloved sons
Who’d been sent down to earth to help down trodden ones.

Supposing they’d been sent, earth ways to realign
But another had trapped them and placed shutters on their minds.
Supposing they still felt urges flaring up from deep within
To again harness energies their freedom to win.

They experienced with what the subconsciously knew
But couldn’t bring out what once could so easily do.
Trial and error became the only way
That our befuddled sons could, with energies, play.

I want you to believe that a great barrier grid
Covered your earth with an energy lid.
What is electricity – does man truly know
Or what is energy which through all life forms flows.

Lets suppose that subliminal waves
Were directed at earth from its earlier days.
Minds were less cluttered some generations ago
And mental suggestions could be picked up you know.

Supposing a man with evil intent
Bombarded groups of minds and caused angers to ferment.
The method has been known for eons of time
And we know it was known by an evil mind.

How did you think words were projected into minds
Of prophets you’ve read about from earlier times.
Supposing you think a bit about this
And the UFO’s which around  your earth slip.

Lets suppose, that for some, earth wasn’t their original home
Yet for some others on your planet no other home have they known.
I suggest to you that family lines are very strong
And that many, back to their families, are drawn.

I think were right in saying it’s a natural law
One stronger then death – and here I will pause.
Remember the stories you’ve heard and read
Of the return of those who were known to be dead?

Supposing that death isn’t just what many think
And that, in truth, death cant break family links.
Let me insist that this also could apply
To those from other planets who flythrough your skies.

Please suppose that what I write is true
That they’re seeking their sons, a natural thing to do.
You seek for knowledge as to what UFO’s are
You rightfully assume they come from other systems of stars.

Motivation can differ and this you all know
We think you could assume this could be true with UFO’s.
You could assume they were a clan from a most ancient time
We colonize planets with their own mental kinds.

That they adapted their bodies to the kinds a planet could produce
And that unfortunately some were, by animal kinds seduced.
Thus creating lines of half animal in kind
Could this be what has twisted so many earth evolved minds?

Though I say suppose what I write is true
I hope my words trigger a response in some of you.
Especially the ones who are filled with discontent.
So seek within – what does it represent?

For some it’s the bodies they are existing in
The sex seems to them wrong – through you bible calls it a sin.
Your bodies were patterned from the animal kinds
Please don’t be offended but keep this in mind.

Many star people were caught by, and killed on your earth
And back up through its dimensions it forced them to work.
Lets assume others came down to try and help those
Whose prayers for help drew them to come to earth below.

Please assume that there’s a way this could be done
For into a new born babe some are able to come.
This only when a mother wants to cast this child aside
The spirit mind leaves the babe for this it cannot abide.

This has to do with some natural laws
A death wish can make life in some fetuses withdraw.
At the moment this happens another can come
And continue the process of growth which already had begun.

We want you to read well the words we have written
And note how well with your known truths they fit in.
I leave you to now ponder on what we say
And more I will give you if interest you display.

Lets suppose that the great mid Atlantic rift
Has shown many signs of a great major shift.
Has man had realization of what this could do
To other systems of planets should earth break in two

This is the danger which star people see
From the ships they fly and from earths hold are free.
They too know there will soon be a line up of stars
And if the strain broke earth apart, ‘twould other star systems mar.

Suppose they knew your under ground testing and reactors too
Could cause havoc on your earth and other star systems in your view.
This could be one of many reasons why strange ships have come
And constantly now all around your earth run.

Let us suppose what I write you can’t believe
You’ve worshipped different gods which many minds have conceived
One god you pray to and, to him, you sing
And all your troubles you, to him, bring.

In the past you had a god who brought to your parched lands rain
And others who control fertility and over life and death reigned.
Man’s many gods he created within his own mind
And so from our ships we see gods of many kinds.

Many look to the sky from whence their god will come
For a few ‘twill be fathers who are seeking their sons.
Suppose there are many fathers flying in ships
Which towards your earth will occasionally dip?

Now let us suppose that some readers will find
That the words which we write fill some voids in their minds.
We’re hoping that some scientists will read what we write
And will start opening up what is called your inner sight.

Lets suppose, if they do, they will start to hear
A distant voice telling them that to their fathers they’re dear.
Some twould alarm and make them feel they were insane
But others, such a contact, would with joy maintain.

Many an innocent one in earths past
Was given true knowledge but it made them an outcast.
Magicians and witches some of them were called
Ant what men did to them has left us appalled.

But when the same thing happened to a church prelate
To all the world, this miracle, he’d relate.
Repeatedly he would proclaim to all
That “the lord” gave him these words and to him they became laws.

Too many took it for granted who it was who spoke through their minds
Believing implicitly ‘twas god with whom they combined.
But suppose, in truth, this wasn’t really so
Witness the state of your earth as we see it below.

Lets suppose that mentalities seldom die
And let us to ourselves this thought apply.
Imagine what longevity in one body could mean
In bodies like yours with their lacks which we’ve seen.

Supposing you could have a body of a kind
Which would constant health and purity combine.
One which would retain the knowledge you’ve learned
But also one which would some evils spurn.

Supposing you wanted to learn about the stars
Would you believe me if I told you, they weren’t impossibly far?
I would like you to try to begin to believe
That the time will come when other planets you’ll see.

Your earth is evolving at its specified rate
And around the sun its seasons gestate.
But planets are dissimilar out in space
Each has its own set of frequency rates.

Lets us suppose that you landed on one
Whirling around a different kind of sun.
The frequency rate of these energy flows
Might not be in phase and would your body’s oppose.

But suppose you could leave your bodies at will
Many desires this could for you fulfill.
And supposing its peoples thoughts could mingle with yours
Yet their ways of life you need to endure.

Supposing you had to detach from your earth
Consider this dear reader, would this have for you some worth?
Now supposing if you wanted to fly among the stars
You would have to place around  you some rigid bars.

You do have a choice but all things have a price
But boredom is one which you might not care to entice.
Lets suppose there are spaceships but not like those
Which earthmen have built and to the moon and mars can go.

Supposing I told you life on earths vitals have been torn
Would you, for your mother earth, feel some concern?
Supposing I told you that the underground tests
Created great havoc of a kind you would suspect.

Supposing I told you it creates a yeast
Which into the roots of your grains starts to seep.
Supposing I told you it tears apart minds
Of those in earths astral – your own human kind.

Sit in a state of reverie
Think of your earth and what it should mean to thee.
Let your mind circle the whole of the world
Let it to you many truths unfurl.

Just suppose we are space people trying to share knowledge with you
Only to have it continually misused.
That you focus it on weaponry which can, your earth, devastate
Cannot man see that wars create a hate which rests upon hate?

Each hate feeds the other till at last nothing remains
Will the time ever come when men will, from their wars, refrain?
The female minds seem to differ from theirs
For many seem to us to be living in despair.

Fears and hates our scanners show
No matte over what part of earth we go.
These create forces which so universally abound
That with all of earth’s vitals they’ve begun to compound.

We think this is called a syndrome by people on earth
It is something on which all earthlings must work.
He who creates it adds fuel to a very wicked fire
Which will cause earths own defensive forces to rise up in ire.

A terrible paradox on your earth now exists
Which keeps earths people in a place so transfixed.
That there damned if they don’t and they’re damned if they do
None really know in which direction to move.

Let’s suppose that everyone stopped in their tracks
And this awful problem began to attack.
Let every nation all over your earth
Be as a family and together work.

Let’s suppose that what man does to his earth
Can alter some patterns around which nature works.
Does ever a wrong really end in what’s right?
And what did their moon trip to the astronauts incite?

What were the feelings which did through them expand
For some it seemed to change all their future life’s plans.
They saw earths moon in its ravaged state
And now it is Mars which they contemplate.

Now man will bore to the magma which around earths interior steams
And what to earth’s future will this act mean?
‘twill be a vent through which earths life forces will flow
And enough of like vents your earth does already know.

How much energy called plasma can, from your bodies, be drained?
How long can your body, these leakages, sustain?
Isn’t it true that some would-be givers of their blood are refused
Because of their age or ‘twould their health abuse?

It is a great pity that so little man knows
Of his earth upon which he does his will impose.
He keeps doing injurious things to his earth
And we have no way to warn him that it’s with death he flirts.

Interdimensional life, my friends
Must, for earthlings, be established again.
Eyes again must be made to see
So a greater truth will come to be.

Lets suppose you had children numbering seven
We’ve heard many say children were sent from heaven.
Suppose one of this litter turned to ways of sin
What, I ask, would you do about him?

Did you know that each is given a birthright at the time they are born?
And, dear ones, astrology should not be scorned.
For birthrights or talents are there for all to see
It simply shows the kind of person, the new babe will be.

It is up to him to expand and then conform
To all other eleven mental forms.
This he could do in just one life
If man hadn’t filled lives with such struggle and strife.

Would you believe me if I told you the seventh son
Contained the eleven birthrights all in one?
Each of the other contained only two
Ten are the number they must, in themselves, infuse.

I suggest that you think for a while about this
And don’t some surmising try to resist.
Now please believe what next I will say
A godly one had his seventh son go terribly astray.

Some how his mind became twisted you see
Before he matured from his fathers control he tore himself free.
He thought that by his brothers he was scorned
I think many have felt thusly who, on your earth, have been born.

This son stole a ship from his father’s home
And  off through the starry heavens he roamed.
He landed on Mars when the planet was young
And began experimenting with the animal ones.

There were no people there like you and I
‘twas a nature a nature made planet he tried to beautify.
Let us suppose that at first he did
For much more knowledge he had than have earth born kids.

I suggest like a kid he started playing war like games
And so he started on his path to shame.
Let us suppose that he experimented with the animal minds
Just as it is with your human kinds.

Can it be that some earth men have been doing the same
That just a few caused the wars which have so many maimed.
Do you suppose that such groups do exist?
This though in our minds does continue to exist.

Lets suppose this evil son conquered your earth
Just after Venus was made to go berserk.
Lets us suppose that he knew how to control men’s mind
And has done so for millions of years of earth’s time.

Regard your history with discerning eyes
Could what we’ve suggested, to your world apply?
A god is one who can create a race
A good one would not to intrigues and wars relate.

All scientists must be godly men
And heads of a race must to this level ascend.
Honesty and gentleness must dominate their ways
And never with war games would true godly ones play.

That, to your earth, too many people were made to be born
We are referring to those in your physical forms.
Let’s suppose that ignorance in the past was deliberately made to exist
By the males that made the laws which still on earth persists.

One thing which, for earth’s people, have caused many wrongs
I the lack of understanding that its to earth they belong.
All through earth’s history, this truth was mostly ignored
For men created false gods whom they worshipped and adored.

Had man regarded earth in the way he should
Science would have flourished for their own earths good.
Knowledge of earth’s cycle would have been known to all
And earth’s unseen world would not have been made to, in ignominy fall.

Bodies would not have been so much desired
That to have one would make earths spirits become too much inspired.
To keep on being born and reborn into them
But would have preferred their own peaceful blend.

Your earth and your bodies resemble each other
In truth yours is its child and your earth is its mother.
Let us suppose that the bodies your earth can produce
Are mentally deficient and also uncouth.

Now let us suppose that a most ancient race
Exist on other planets far out in space.
Now let us suppose earth was really partly theirs
Because their knowledge with earths spirits they’d share.

Suppose each helped his mother earth in countless ways
And suppose a few of earths own children wished to from their earth stray
It’s natural for families to visit each other
And combine with their cousins or a sister of their mothers.

Suppose these were natural laws my friends
With which much universes then yours does always blend.
Too simple and mundane I suspect many will think
But believe me, dear friends it contains many unimaginable links.

Mull over the things which I have shared with you
Seek ways of proving to yourself they may be true.
You might start now to look very deep into your skies
You might just see me in my ship passing by.

Lets suppose that there is on your earth a secret combine
Consisting of just a few ruling minds.
Suppose they used people as robots would be used
By forcing them into acts which doe’s their sensibilities confuse.

Lets us suppose also that they used earth’s greatest minds
And welded them into a blind sort of combine.
Drugs and liquor are the curse they can use
‘twas done long ago, great minds. to confuse.

Would you believe me if I told you how it all came about
That it was a so called priest who did all earthmen’s goals reroute.
Eight million years ago, nearly nine
‘twas after Venus passed earth and nearly broke its spine.

The ice had melted but the waters remained
Covering three quarters of earth’s terrain.
Most of earth became a turgid swamp
Where scaly creatures were wont to romp.

Just a few humans lived in Tibet
And Northern Europe I say with regret.
Your polar regions once mild and warm
Was a polar cap, of all life shorn.

I think you are wondering how these things I could know
I was high up in a ship and could see your whole earth below.
I know that many will not this believe
But soon, more knowledge of us, you’ll receive.

I’m saying this hopefully because dimensions are things
Which do, at present between us, intervene.
I’m putting these words through Marge’s mind
As has been done to many authors through all of earth’s time.

Have you not sometimes wondered how great epics have been written?
Or how a writer of stories becomes suddenly smitten
To research and write about things which never in his life has seen
Yet through which living truths runs like a bright sparkling stream?

Now I suggest that while earth circled through its tunnel of time
It had entered a zone which had memories confined.
Of a life the author had once long ago known
And it’s whole panorama was to him shown.

I leave you again with some thinking to do
Mow honestly, logically can’t you see how many words could be true
These things which I’ve written which in verse through me stream
I, who am Marge am just a simple human being.

Just suppose you dearly love a pet
And it, in turn, did your love accept.
Kerlian photography has shown you some facts
But supposing these energies could, with your pets, interact.

Supposing that love could create such a bond
That no higher goals your pet’s desires would respond.
Supposing death isn’t just what most people think
And that death can make the mental part, from a pet, slink.

What would you think if your pet’s mentality could go
Into a new born baby, then grow?
Into a human much like you
Combining some genes which, from your aura, it drew

Anything is possible I’ve heard many say
So let this thought your imagination sway.
Look at the faces of some of your friends
Wonder from what source some did ascend.

But now let us suppose that your bodies aren’t you
Only a façade for humans to view.
Let us suppose that you are imprisoned within
And a new veil of learning made your past lives become dimmed.

Lets suppose someone who once knew these facts
Taught it was evil and wrote this in some tracts.
Suppose it was believed to such a degree
That innocent people were, by it, deceived.

Supposing their fears of things unknown
Perpetrated many evils as earth’s history has shown.
The Spanish inquisition was a horrendous thing
And other atrocities, to humans, ignorance did bring.

Supposing I asked you to seek for the truth
And from old beliefs, for a time, hold aloof.
Could you apply logic to such a degree
That from a kind of blindness you could set yourself free.

supposing that I told you that many great minds
could, from an unseen dimension, with yours align.
And that they could at times by  your heart felt desire
Help you write truths which could, many inspire.

Supposing I asked you delve deep in your mind
I wonder what hidden secrets you’d find.
Mine I am bringing forth into light
To me it’s not supposing for only truths I do write.

This is one more message from the teeming unknown.
To point out to earth’s people what their history has shown.
That one great imbalance which has helped maim your earth
That the males gave their females no true lasting worth.

Males kept destroying their two sources of life
On their earth and their females they put a great blight.
Please let your minds range all over your world
Note how the males keep destroying young girls.

This is the start of earth’s great army of tarts
‘twas men who taught them the prostitute’s arts.
‘twas the males who twisted earths patterned life out of shape
And condemned countless children to a miserable fate.

With the name bastard they were labeled during all history’s time
Many of these unprotected children had, within them, great minds.
But they had to live in poverty, in a state of disgrace
With a few exceptions, no good lives could they make.

Their mothers were regarded as street walkers and whores
When only one man they had loved and perhaps did still adore.
Even their own fathers were lecherous, you know
And spoiled their children’s future, destroying their goals.

Isolated cases could be excused
But the male attitude towards women does, in general, them abuse.
History has a way of turning its cheek
Making the strong become the weak.

History can, unfortunately repeat its self
Don’t hide this fact on your memory shelf.
Your females are already showing signs of change
And they, by their male counterparts, have been well trained.

The males greed’s and lusts will his own nemesis be
This, my friends, is a prophecy.
‘tis from the same source as those given long ago
Through a woman in England whose mind was slow.

Let us suppose that she has been born again
And wisdom through versus does in her writings blend.
(He is referring to Mother Shipton who Marge was in that life. You can look her up on the internet)
One last prophecy she is going to make
No more male bodies will survive and no more cakes will be baked.

We gave her some prophecies in seventy six (1976)
It was the best we could do for future and past times intermix.
It has to do with time slots which your earth must enter
‘tis how futures are seen by some of earth’s ancient mentors.

Note the changing placements of earths north and south poles
This is what patterns it hundreds of year’s goals
Earths orbital tunnels are part of some greater ones
Your Milky Way also does through orbital changes constantly runs.

Lets suppose that I travel through our great Milky way
And supposing its my job to make certain ones say.
That which is needed to be known by those
Who struggle with life’s problems when, over their planets, we go.

Lets suppose that the time has come for women to know
That they have a right, their own bodies, to control.
That man has got to realize
That he cannot female equity deny.

But females must not, the same mistakes make
And a good look at earth’s history each should take.
Basically your earth is a kind of womb
A fact one should have known and must realize soon.

It also is truly a huge space ship
With self support systems ‘twas well equipped.
Should it go into a very deep freeze
Mentalities, in safety, could within it be.

Not in bodies of the physical kinds
Yet still retaining their normalcy within their soul mind.
In spirit for there’s nothing much which they can do
Like hurting their planet and its body misuse.

A spirits life is pleasant in a limited way
And many might elect to, in this dimension, stay
Loving their earth mother and the protection she gives
For safe within her womb they can elect to live.

Many astral schools are changing their goals
Truths are now being meticulously told.
For eight million years they taught males were as gods
And  over the females they must hold punishing rods.

They were told that women were inferior to them
And that’s how many evils on earth began
This became so easy for men to do
That females were used and  then abused.

Also females were brainwashed I believe is your word
‘til they thought ‘twas a kind of life high should be preferred.
The hierarchy and their lord Jesus too
Could have fought this but this they didn’t do.

This information comes from Jesus himself
He didn’t try hard enough such teachings to disrupt.
He was like so many really fenced in
He too had memories which earth’s cataclysms had made dim.

Let us suppose that woman like bodies were androgynous long ago
When Martians came and did them overthrow.
I am speaking of bodies worn in earth’s earliest times
It colonizers from the stars in bodies of the highest human kind.

Let’s suppose that all I’ve written above is true
That star people are now back its truth to prove.
That they haven’t come to rule your earth
Merely to replace your bodies with those of greater worth.

Lets suppose that earth has been under gang rule
And earth’s people having long been, by them fooled.
Suppose that on your leaders they used mind controls
What do you think might be their ultimate goal?

‘tis a terrible thought and one many have had
Could it be self preservation rather than power, I add?
Supposing a few knew that, when the stars align
There are going to be dangers of a number of kinds.

Whole civilizations in earth’s past have disappeared
What could have happen if something was feared?
Your mystery schools have theories galore
But there seems things they don’t know an this we deplore

They should  be pinned down to be more exact
So their physical leaders would know some more simplified facts.
Now I will suggest one answer to you
That some star people did not on an earth custom approve.

That they saw blood sacrifices being done
Especially on those who had once been their sons.
I suggest to you that a searing beam of light
Did these transgressors suddenly smite.

Just as it did in another place and time
When a great city did to debauchery incline.
It wasn’t an atomic bomb as many suppose
Which made Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt go.

This was another kind of ploy
Which distorted the truth which your bible employs.
Should Marge’s body be made to petrify
Would man again use this same kind of ploy.

We ask for those in earth’s astral world
To consult the records so this truth can be uncurled.
This is a truth we’ve been unable to trace
We only fly through that which you call outer space.

We think that there’s another story here
That’s been hidden and if so the reasons not clear.
We’re testing your bible and trying to find proofs
Of that which is claimed in it to be truths.

Jesus did truly die on the cross
But why have so many records been lost?
Jesus, himself has been questioning things
Which he cannot, to his memory bring.

We want this to be included  to show
Things earth people we think should know.
What is truth and what is not
And we’d like to know the truth about the wife of Lot.

Other lacks in your bible there are
The way they’ve explained meetings with people from the stars.
There’s it’s attitude towards the spirit world
And emphasis on evils which all through it curls.

The end.

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