Message 4/26/1991

April 26th, 1991 Copyright © 2007

Your body is made up of a million minds
But in each cell they are confined.
Your body is their own universe
And from life to life, they quickly transverse.

They live and die but do their job
Making this universe heart to continually throb.
Slowly the progress from organ to organ
Working through life again and again.

Think of the planets that revolve around stars
These tiny cells know exactly what they are.
They are like the stars in your heaven around which planets are whirling
It is a key to your future inferring.

We would like you to ponder what we have said
Because you have thousands of choices when you are dead.
You must learn to function in particular ways
To give life’s impetus to countless kinds of clays.

Each of the organs in the bodies you wear
Are made of special clays which can each organ repair.
All of them can be found in the depths of your earth
From which your bodies were originally birthed.

Your earth was originally the womb for all life
The sun is the father, the earth his wife.
There are those about which this does not apply
Ones like Marge who came from high in the sky.

Came from a place which few will ever see
Throughout our great universe many like us be.
We are spirits who guide different kinds of souls
Of those who are reaching; towards very high goals.

The true Jesus the Christ is one of us
Unfortunately astral spirits use his name & do truths destruct.
There are lesser universes to live in
Housing some planets tiny & trim.

They are artificial in many ways
Because they are made up of purified clays.
Those who live on them have been blessed indeed
Because from them they can view other worlds & see their needs.

They can view them without taking part in their lives
They can even help a few great problems to survive.
They can project through forms when they so desire
And cause many things in these lives to transpire.

They can create scenarios like earth’s TV writers do
Except they are not plays but lives some must work their way through.
How did this happen some may ask
It is because lives on all new planets must also be precast.

The problem is so far that too few people seem able to evolve
For they have too many problems they have first to solve.
Little is known about what we do
Because we are so ancient, private & we’ve left too few clews.

We have stayed aloof from joining others
Who could consider us their elder brothers.

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