Message for a Spiritualist Church

To the Eternal Spiritualist Church

Copyright © 2007

July 12, 1981 by Capt. Hilarion

I, Captain Hilarion, am a visitor to your earth
Along with many others who for our children search.
Your planet is regarded as an evil place
By countless other planets far out in space.

The reason it became so was because of an evil mind
Who took control in a most distant time.
He had already ruined the planet Mars
And several others in your system of stars.

He had many names which he used from time to time
And he used his great knowledge to control human minds.
Satan, Helois, and Merlin to name a few
I know this may many of you confuse.

We’ve written this all many times before
Twas his teachings to males which turned countless women into whores.
It was easy to work through your body’s vrains
And send through it his words your body’s spirits to train.

We have destroyed this one we want you to know
And changes now have come but they will be mighty slow.
Great havoc there’ll be in time to come
And already in England it has begun.

Overpopulation of any planet is bad
You were deprived of this knowledge which to us is sad.
Cities are the places where evils begin
And on your earth they’re the hot bed of sins.

Also their weight and traffic to and from
Much damage to your earth has constantly done.
You are entering into a brand new age
The old one is closing and you’re reading its last page.

The results of wrong control factors are blatantly clear
And there still survive many who are Satan’s peers.
Many whose faces look clean and pure
Who in high places keep them secure.

But look behind the many beautiful facades
And who do you think is truly their god?
The cheapest commodity on your earth are words
And so are many prayers which we’ve constantly heard.

No one gave any thought to their planet earth
Or what to them was its great and true worth.
Through Marge we have planted many thought seeds
Which will, in time, much understanding breed.

It is not murder to abort a child
But it is when men do a woman’s body defile.
Yes Reverend Alice a great change must take place
If earth is to continue in its orbital place.

Marge and many others belong to our clan
And to them we’re extending a helping hand.
We’re taking them back to their own god source
So they won’t be recycled through birth on your earth.

No one was ever allowed to leave
No end to troubled lives could most of you achieve.
And what kind of a god planned this we’re forced to ask
To solve this riddle or question is an easy task.

Blind worship of anything can lead one astray
And it’s better to question what unseen spirits say.
You are protected within a Christ controlled group
But even our beloved Jesus, in the past was duped.

You must realize that all which is really known
Was written by others in your most ancient tomes.
Then translated and used to control
Masses of people by a few and some with low goals.

We know it will take many a long time to understand
What caused such strife on earth’s battle scarred lands.
How can one god favor both sides of a fray
In your recent wars it was claimed this way.

What kind of a plan would a fatherly god ever make
Which would caused such horrible suffering on the part
of his children take place.
One that could lead to planets destruction
That Satan ruled your planet is a fair deduction.

Nothing else for us makes any sense
When we review your history’s course of events.
Through Marge we found that earthlings are really good and fine
Except for a few with half destroyed minds.

We took Marge’s past lives from her long ago
So the truth about your earth we could truthfully know.
Earthmen turned earth females into whores and worse
And the drinking in liquors enhanced this awful curse.

Suppose you were young and had no money in your purse
And suppose you couldn’t yourself support.
And how about the starving ones
Whose fathers were soldiers and did from them run.

What kind of god planed lives like these
What can a stranger from beyond your planet but see?
Forgive us dear ones for sounding so hard
But I too was caught a bit off guard.

Each one has the right of choice
And Marge long ago did her choice voice.
She’s done her part here on your earth
And soon, from her body, will be taken forth.

Her fathers ship awaits her above
A godly kind of father whose earned his children’s love.
He isn’t omniscient nor omnipresent either
And also he has human like features.

We want your church to expand and grow
But into new age it soon must go.
Your bible has helped many we do admit
But a new one must be written, the new age, to fit.

One which relegates wars to the past
And Puritanism too must not be let to last.
Family trees will have a new start
And children in robots will have their lives start.

The end.

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