Message from Mortensialaceus

Druid MortensialaceusCopyright © 2007

Scribed by Marge Ludeman April 26, 1980
Ardell was a friend of Marge’s and had similar experiences and abilities.

Our dear Ardell, we give you many thanks
For the sketches you’ve made, for you’ve gone to great lengths.
To be exacting and you’ve done it well
Your being very careful the truth to tell.

Truth on earth and good will in men,
Must now all other things transcend.
To know their planet and what makes it work
Must always be known by humans who dominate earth.

When inter-relating with your spirit world was band
It denied great knowledge to those living on earth’s lands.
Monopoly of power was the cause
And Satan forced the star people, from earth to withdraw.

Dictatorial attitudes bring to humans few things which are good.
These are traits we have seen in so many
Which should be regarded by each as his own personal enemy.
The paradox which does on your earth exist
Is that natures laws do all of this.

Hough your bodies are by natures laws made
They were intended your earth to aid.
Spirit essences need bodies you see
And bodies need life supports wherever they be.

Your minds are thoughts you brought into form
And don’t this truth for a moment scorn.
Memories around a spirit congeals (a complex unit of energy)
And in these memories, what becomes you is sealed.

Your earth is energy compressed into mass
Just as long as it keeps whirling, as a planet, it can last.
Motion is life, inertia is rest
So earth must ever whirl if with life it is blessed.

Earth is a clock as all planets are
And so is its sun, its governing star.
Also it’s a part of a huge machine
What you call our Milky Way is what I mean.

Your body is a machine like it or not
Though by your parents it was begot.
Had they not forgotten their past spirit lives
They would have remembered that yours was created so
they could later survive.

This after they had had their period of rest
Back in earth’s womb a most cozy nest.
Mort is the name I shall be known by
Many truths about existences I am able to supply.

I have come back to try to help salvage our earth
As have many of my clan and some calamities to avert.
We are going to retrieve what once belonged to us
And hope we can do so without too much of a fuss.

The star people are also here to help
And much compassion for earthlings they’ve felt.
Some are their own people who on earth got caught
And are living confused by the things they’ve been taught.

What is the meaning of earth’s religions to you?
This is what made so many confused.
Common sense and logic should walk with each hand in hand
Based on understanding of yourself and the earth on which you stand.

Do unto it what you’d have it do for you
Treat earth with love so it can itself renew.
For the Druids the earth was to them their church
Especially a high place where they could perch.

They and the star people built earth’s first pyramids
‘twas from earth’s centers out in earth’s beginnings they did.
These are some truths so long lost through time
That little proof is left with which to align.

When man was put into bondage it also hurt earth.
When wars with their hates started to fester this imbalance
through all earth works.
It caused a chain reaction to take place
And tiny mutations what starts out to be good, it can erase.

‘tis how new forming minds are to angers trained
For they pick up thought forms by hate filled minds sustained.
New evolving minds are like babies you know
Watching their parents as up through life they start to grow.

Nature’s ways are simple and always have been
But man kept distorting nature’s world he had to live in.
Man was deliberately made ignorant a long time ago
By a leader whose ways were evil and low.

Today a reflection of what he was is maintained
By leaders who must their own powers sustain.
They do it by hook and also by crook
For much devious planning by most it took.

‘tis the system of rule established a long, long time ago
When the higher ones used the lowers ones as tools and wouldn’t let go.
The higher ones made the rules and the lower obeyed
And so the base for enslavement was laid.

No thought was given to their true mother, the earth
As they bred children for armies and to do menial work.
Satan was a priest and Lucifer was like a king
The two combined and to earth havoc did bring.

Lucifer was the leader of an animal blend
Evolving on Mars in the forms of ape-men.
Satan or Horus called himself a sun god
He controlled Lucifer’s followers using the nectar of the gods.

‘twas the forerunner of liquors you are using today
Spirits in a liquor trained to make men’s minds decay.
These are the evils we have had to face
And somehow these evils we’ve got to erase.

I leave you now to ponder my words
My words are truths, to be written and heard.
This is the story of my distant earth past
One which your history books sadly lack.

I was the head man of a Druidic tribe
Who did on Atlantis and sometimes on Mu reside.
Three thousand years ago I was forced to leave earth
The planet on which I’d been originally birthed.

Thirty million years ago my parents came
and colonized earth, its beauties to sustain.
The gnomes who’d helped create earth were living very near
And to us they are friends whom we consider most dear.

My parents had left their star system because
Great age would soon bring its life to a pause.
It could no longer withstand the strain
Soon into a black hole to be drawn and of all life drained.

This is a problem all galaxies face
A law governing all who exist out in space.
Some natural laws one can easily avoid
If we make our own with natures coincide.

Nature’s laws are blind and can be both good and bad
We’ve adjusted ours to them so we wont live lives which are sad.
Earths evil conquerer broke his father’s laws
Letting is live in two dimensions with deaths interlude or pause.

He made earths people like animals live
A thing we and his father couldn’t forgive.
He has been destroyed but his controls still exist
It is from earths astral we must start to resist.

The patterns he created and get old ones reinstated
Until to earth surface we can get ourselves incarnated.
This is not as easy as it sounds
For family lines do new bodies impound.

Most of the astral are from the Martian strain
And a terrible hold on earth they have gained.
Eight million years ago is when it all started
Many of us at the time from earth departed.

‘twas after Venus went past our earth
A terrible experience and for many their worst.
I remember standing on the side of a hill
All earth seemed dying and we all were feeling ill.

My family were all sitting in a line in front of me
The great flaming orb of Venus we could see.
Above half the earths horizon it loomed that night
Suphuric fumes our lungs already had to fight.

Ash and brimstone covered all earth
Until Venus gave it a terrible jerk.
That was when I and my family died
And for a timeless period in the astral did abide.

It was all like a terrible dream
Little was known and less was seen.
Some of my family who lived on Mu
No longer were connected to us out into chaos it moved.

The island Mu left were barren of life
Volcanic in nature and a woe-some sight.
As spirits we sought for the ones which were lost
But the condition of our minds made us unstable and distraught.

A few we believe incarnated again
And on the planetoids did with earths new controller blend.
This is a guess, I don’t have any proof
Though hopefully in the future we will find out more truths.

We love our family and hope to re-unite
For we’re limited in numbers which for a planet is right.
We don’t increase our families and wont again
But with others now here in peace we’ll try to blend.

Many we think and hope will understand
And now know that they must fulfill their planets demands.
Once they understand that bodies can be shared
We think these minds will with basics be prepared.

To understand more of what must be done
So their old mistakes they’ll be able to shun.
There’ll be those who will return to Mars
Others may choose to travel among the stars.

Then there’s a new planet to colonize
We hope this does not earth people surprise.
There are those on earth who already fear
That earth’s own end is drawing near.

A very small group of selected ones
We think are ready from earth to run.
There was a landing made on Mars
Russian probes have advanced so far.

That much is known by some astronauts
Which has become a fraternity and meet aloft.
There is a plan to evacuate earth
But this is a plan we don’t need to subvert.

For Mars was the planet from whence so many came
So why not let them go back again.
I Mortensalaceus, will now the meaning of my name discuss
Laceus is our family name but what precedes it identifies the
Personality our body sustains.

Each body is given a birth right please know
The kind of personality by which he’ll be controlled.
If the spirit within can this body control
Another personality will this body enfold.

Because your language differs so
From the language which we Druids know
In essence I’ll tell you that my name means
The head of a clan and the dreamer of its dreams.

It means that I am part of a circle of five
The force in the center as long as I’m alive.
Four others stand around me forming points for a square
Our combined auras form a circle, which out from us flare.

I become a pole like that in our earth
Giving to my clan its power and worth.
I am a speaker who consolidates
All the laws which must determine our fate.

Simple laws I must hastily add
Much pre-discussed ones, because for no one are they bad.
Love and understanding and forgiveness too
Are the things which all our laws imbue.

I had two daughters and Marge was one
Also I had two very fine sons.
More bodies’ earth could stand in that time
So more bodies we created to with our spirit family combine.

Half our family would in the astral remain
The other half would physical bodies sustain.
There really was no barrier in between
And both ways of living was most highly esteemed.

Satan or Horus, which ever name you prefer
Changed all this I know you can infer.
The chaos and wars prove this to all minds
Who still in prison of ignorance aren’t confined.

Too many are, we have sadly observed
Who do ancient beliefs and teachings serve.
Slowly we think the light of truth is creeping in
But still too many believe in only hell, fire and sin.

A few we have found are freed from these beliefs
Marge and Ardell are two whom we were glad to meet.
Both had become part of our family line
In the more recent period of earth’s ancient times.

When we joined the star people so long ago
They built for us great ships in which we could live and go.
To other galaxies to learn of different ways
This knowledge will serve us well, when rebuilding earth’s clays.

The star people are a part of our race
The ones who prefer to live freely in space.
Always we kept in close contact with them
And often to earth in their ships they’d descend.

But Satan put a stop to all of this
‘twas then we left earth with the star people’s assist.
Marge and Ardell saw us when we first floated down.
We were happy to see them and find their minds sound.

Sound and receptive to the words we had to say
And with each of them we have been able to stay.
Through Marge we’ve explained what we took Ardell to see.
Her sketches will establish what inside your earth be.

Ardell saw those of us who work deep within your earth
She saw some machines and understands their worth.
She saw ancient inscriptions which she couldn’t read
Later, more knowledge into her mind we will feed.

Soon Marge will be leaving to join her family above
Great rejoicing she’ll know for by them she’s deeply loved.
Ardell will keep contact with us and with them
Until she too must leave her body and ascend.

She’ll ascend to star people where she feels she belongs
This desire she’s expressed and within her it’s strong.
More I shall write at a later date
After another trip we’ll make Ardell take.

This when her current drawings are complete
And another writer with great potentials she’ll meet.
We are grateful to Marge and Ardell too
For all the work they for us do.

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