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Regarding a news paper article written in the San Diego Evening Tribune January 15, 1979.  Scribed by Marge Ludeman for Capt. Hilarion. Message as follows:

John Farina, I wish to ask how much you believe
When a self-styled arch angel does you receive?
What separates truth from fantasy?
What proof has this one to make her believe?

I am an astronaut flying a ship
I am seeing your earth from where I sit.
I don’t pretend to understand
The gullibility of those living on earths lands.

Many of us are out beyond your earth
An awful catastrophe we’re trying to avert.
It has to do with the atomic bombs
And the underground testing which continues to go on.

We exist in a very different frequency band
Than that which controls earth born man.
Were we to land, our frequency rate
Would make us seem to you to be in a shadowy state.

 The person who is writing this message for me
Has written many others which she has received.
I made my ship register a frequency rate
So a picture of it her camera could take.

Good Friday morning five of us flew
Into her vision so us she could view.
But we show up as blips on your radar screens
Then your ships send infra red guided missiles which do at us scream.

They have damaged our ships a number of times
So, out of their reach we are forced to climb.
We are people somewhat like you
We feel and live and do as you do.

There is a deep break in your oceans floor
‘twas 4 thousand miles long and now it’s a bit more.
Your earth is like a ball of clay
And could break in half we are sorry to say.

Planets are living life forms, please know
As through a sea of space they go
Planets are systematically arranged
In a group and by their suns sustained.

Were your planet to break and move out into space
An instant freeze would then take place.
A form of life would in dormancy remain
And eons in the future, might revive again.

However, if it and its sisters be drawn
Into its sun a great nova would be born.
Causing many problems in our Milky way
So many ships stand by your star system to save.

In 1982 added strain will start
And this could easily break your earth apart.
Eight million years ago there did occur
A holocaust on Venus and out of its orbit it curved.

Venus was farther from the sun than was earth
People on its surface were once of great worth
Martian raiders came and many they slew
Using atomic weaponry this evil to do.

The terrible forces which this set loose
Caused Venus to out of its orbit loop.
It almost hit your planet earth
Out of your pacific a huge landmass it jerked.

The landmass broke into 32 parts
And like your moon around your earth darts.
Life on Mars was destroyed by wars
And radiation does still Venus Mar.

Its temperature range prohibits all life
No visitors do on Venus alight.
But let me now to all of you state
That each planetoid has names which to stars relates.

They are all occupied by human life
And also have ships which on earth can alight.
Their frequency rate differ very little from yours
But the lives that they live are in some ways more pure.

We don’t have any connection with them
We exist beyond in a greater blend.
Our ships represent true planets, please know
And forever through the Milky Way our ships come and go.

Your earth has been off limits for eight million years
Because it was controlled by the limitations of fears.
The princely one who ruled unseen
Had an evil mind and promoted schemes.

He has experimented with your human race
Until he realized that retribution he faced.
He tried to escape through our web of ships
But that for him was the end of it.

We are trying our best to salvage what’s left
Of a planet which too long in bondage was kept.
Millions of planets are just like yours
Except people live in harmony and keep their planet secure.

All Milky Ways are much the same
The same habits of living are on them sustained.
There are basic laws which dominate all
They are nature made not God made which may some appall.

At this point there was an interruption by a man named Newcomb. It was 12:30 PM, he saw me writing this, so I asked him to acknowledge it by signing his name on the original which I write in long hand. He did and it was 1:15 PM as he left. I continued writing.

Speaking of God your earth has had many
Now your people seem ruled by your dollars and pennies.
We call our god a creator, you know
Because he created our forebears a long time ago.

We all of here are in his likeness born
It’s his genes which course through us which give us his norms.
By us he is called the venerable one
And all through the ages he’s produced many sons.

Units of energies he patterned into our spirit norms
This is how souls on planets are formed.
He then places those who would be his sons
Into clays filled with his genes, thus our physical lives begun.

At first a robot he long ago built
In it his children were born without guilt.
Healthier it was then the way animals are bred
For our God was a man who used his head.

He understood natures and all its ways
And knew all living planets held life giving clays.
Of course your earth has been so misused
By big industrial combines that earth does its life essences lose.

God too has created a manner of speaking
On another Milky Way before he went out seeking.
But that is a story too long for here
Though we all regard him as a person most dear.

You all were misled from the time you were born
Truth has been something most of your scribes we think have scorned.
Common sense should be applied you know
When reading what’s written in what you call prose.

Many minds we’ve tried to project our words through
But out of these contacts religions grew.
This wasn’t our aim, nor are we playing games
But to stop ruining your earth with wars was our aim.

Prophesies we sent through some open minds
This we did in past periods of time.
Man did heed the warnings we gave
And so to Martian leadership man continued to be enslaved.

How are we going to get truth through to man
When the attention of his leaders we can’t command.
Just stop the atomic tests we ask
And to save your earth will be our task.

The building of reactors also must be stopped
Its evil potentials your history has forgot.
The merging of human cells to unlike ones is also bad
This, I thought I had better add.

The End.

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