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June 16, 1976 I received this message while eating breakfast at 8:30 AM. Both yellow and blue lights appeared signifying that both Jesus (the father) and Hilarion sponsored the message.
The contents refer to a new comer to the galactic fleet over head. His name is Pegaseuse and comes from another federation of galaxies so far removed from ours, that it was unknown to ours.
He started speaking through me on June15th and came through with such force, that I felt a great strain on my voice box. I have some of it on tape. He gave me the following facts about himself.
He is androgynous, has fingers like ours without nails, and has no joints as we do. I will quote, “Iya hava noa bonsa”. On his feet he has only two toes. One like our large toe and the other is where we have the other four toes. Apparently, his foot is longer and slimmer then mine. It bends were we have an arch and can grasp. He doesn’t look like me physically but we have a mind patterning which is similar. He was bale to match his mind to mine (meaning spirit.)

We are very pleased with you
The one who did you last review.
Was delighted to know himself
How it is with a different self.

Many things for him are strange
Their machines he’s rearranged
To conform with what is your brain
He, at first, from talk refrained.

With those of us who caused this fuss
(the crossing of genes on Mars)
Because he felt he couldn’t us trust.
Your words did go a very long way
Towards making him listen to what we say.

He is a very nice guy too
Once he had a path like you.
This is why he was used to check
With you first to feel effects.

This was easy for him to do
For he is somewhat similar to you.
Counterparts exist you know
In each galactic earthly flow.

He is anxious now to meet
You above, a bond to complete.
Patterns seldom exactly conform
To a counterparts deepest norm.

When such a meeting does take place
It is a privilege it to face.
For special exchanges can thus be made
With a rapid elevation in grade.

For what you lacked he can supply
And yours from him you wont deny.
This exchange of factors, you know
Are seeds of thoughts which in each will grow.

Enlarging in each his personal scope
Making him able with more things to cope.
Once this meeting has taken place
Each with the other will always equate.

A line of energies you two will connect
And much information you’ll be able to get.
His galaxy and ours will have established a tie
Which makes for harmony, a kind very high.

In a sense you’re a courier and so is he
A joy for us that this can be.
Much strength can be made when these ties are made
For one’s clan and its leaders, it’s a true accolade.

What happened to us and the earth you know
Has happened in other galactic flows.
When answers we need which we don’t ourselves know
We send out a call to a neighboring flow.

Pegaseuse has already given us help
In some ways we’ve been ourselves most inept.
He had a knowledge which we do not.
It has to do with what makes souls rot.

This has to do with liquors and wines
These spirits are on the insect line.
Twisted souls from ancient times
Who inhabit the fruits and inhabit the vines.

Consumed with hates which atomic wars make
Unable ever with love to relate.
Only half of their psyche remains for them
‘tis with work and hate they consistently blend.

I pointed out to Pegaseuse how perfectly fine people, honest and decent could do regrettable things when their minds were confused by the spirits in liquors, beers and wines. Certainly one regrettable mistake, no matter what its ramification didn’t necessarily change the honesty or trustworthiness of a person in his normal state.
A firmly patterned, intellectually focused spirit “I AM” has an endless life expectancy. I also pointed out that Jesus and Hilarion (Apollo and Wodan) were relatively young by galactic standards when they fell into error (meaning on Mars.)

It is September 2, 1976, as I write this and I was just given the following:

You explained about the rout
When one is caught in a drinking bout.
How one, sometimes, is made to do
Things which are bad when his mind is confused.

Things which forever seem to place on his path
The results of a wrong he did in the past.
No matter how hard he tries to compensate
Many things remain with which he can’t equate.

Though once he did a monstrous thing
He has never stopped self censoring.
For he could not in his normal state
To such an action ever relate.

Unfortunately for earth you see
‘tis reflected below so quantitatively.

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