Prophecies of things to come.

Prophecies of things to come.
A series of events, which must have their run

Copyright © 2007

Received by Marge Ludeman on June 27, 1976
From Capt. Hilarion.

A year which doth incline towards fire
Will some maidens, so inspire.
That they will be loath to do
Anything with love in view.

These indeed will turn their backs
To some swains who will them attack.
Who are these maidens I hear you ask
Solving this question is simply tour task.

A time will come when cakes are baked
And no more batters are left for more to make.
This is a year when lights will appear
Forming great circles and causing much fear.

These lights will bring with them gas and smoke
Causing all mankind to lose much hope.
A hope for a future which will be kind
And so at last, he starts using his mind.

A month there’ll be in history
When man will think, at last he’s free.
But this is merely an interval
Which brings into action an act which appalls.

All the ones who’s ways are fine
For it will show a corrupted spine.
The spine is one of which they cling
‘twas thought that truthful words they sing.

For one decade man will live afraid
No progress at all will seem to be made.
Many doors will be opened wide
Yet few there are who within can abide.

Many hates will then emerge
For this is the start of a heavenly purge.
Governments will fall like cards
And no more laws will man regard.

Twelve more years before peace can come
The earth will shake and so will the sun.
Many will leave for earth isn’t home
A higher truth to man becomes known.

Life will continue but not in joy
For man now must himself employ.
He will work to earn his salt
To natures ways he’ll be re-taught.

Forty years will now have passed
Man has learned to work and fast.
Gentle winds will blow from the south
And food again will fill every mouth.

Fate will play a nasty trick
For children will start to get very sick.
Why this is no man will know
But from the males all life will flow.

This is a time for womankind
To move up into a higher mind.
Groups will form to study norms
And some acts they will perform.

Bringing knowledge down to them
From those who live in a higher blend.
They will then fulfill a need
But never again will they tolerate weeds.

And so gods will, will now begin
To erase all original sins.
Forms there’ll be with higher norms
And so, in time, there’ll be no more storms.

Of a kind which man did bring
Instead, all earth of glories will sing.
And the rains will gently fall
When it’s needed and corn will grow tall.

Many ships will start to land
Bringing with them gods own plan.
For a world which once again
With galaxies will blend.

Homes will have within them love
Much the same as that above.
Many will travel to other stars
They’ll be surprised, they aren’t so far.

Now some cakes the earth will bake
For simple laws they now must make.
Never again will scheming blend
With gods great universe to offend.

The ways of earth must now equate
With those of many higher estates.
For indeed there must be laws
For many ships on earth will pause.

Trading now will start to be
Established with other planets you see.
Many things the earth still has
Which will lead to different paths.

For the ones who are born to do
Something for them which isn’t new.
These are traders who in the past
Captained ships with sails and masts.

Many inventions again there will be
But none will harm the earth you see.
For memories will forever remain
Of a time when earth was nearly slain.

What ever is taken from the earth
Is cycled back to again have birth.
Each planet, you see, a surplus achieves
Some commerce can readily interweave.

This note is from the web site contact:
I do not know when these events are suppose to occur however,
this prophecy may only happen if our earth does not break a part first.
Our planet is on the verge of a flip and the feeling in the cosmos is
that the earth wont survive it. Lets pray that the humans of this
world evolve into a higher state of love and consciousness for the
 planets sake, because earth is a living being, just like you and me

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