Regarding Human Occupation Of Earth

Regarding human occupation of earth.

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This writing was written by Marge Ludeman however, the information here was given to her by the Druids.

About thirteen million years ago we “I ams” the psyche existed on earth in androgynous bodies. The same as some of those visiting our earth in ships, which some people see now and then. Indecently, the pilots of these ships can match their atoms to the atoms of our air and seemingly disappear. This is why we are unable to see them with our human eyes.

For five million years the androgynous beings, gnomes, and natives of the planet existed in loving peaceful prosperity and made this planet a very beautiful place.

About nine plus million years ago, after the near collision with Venus (you can read about this in the book, “The Auto Biography of I Jesus” and some of the writings on this site) the planet stopped spinning for a long while and went into a comatose state.

Eight and three quarter million years ago, shortly after it started to spin again, the Martian Hoards came and eventually conquered and enslave the androgynous ones. The gnomes hid away in their homes underground. The Martians, a yellow race, came to earth in their winged ships and for one million years havoc reigned as well as over population and so on. Then seven million years ago volcanic action started to decimate the population.

Six million years ago Regulus attempted to colonize the African continent with its black skinned people. Next the ancestors of the polish race who were white skinned from Saturn came and settled in the Ural Mountains and Russian Steppes. Venus also sent remnants of its beautiful race of white people to live in Antarctica which then, had a climate much like that on Venus. Some of the Venusians’ are now living on planetoids. At about this time, the moon sent some of its brown race to earth and colonized Northern India.

Five million years ago Aires sent its Aryans to settle in Middle India. Virgo sent what was left of its blue race to North Africa and were the true Egyptians.

Between five and six million years ago wars ravaged the earth, causing catastrophic flooding and as a result, the earth flipped however, many of the animal men survived.

Four million years ago, again due to wars, volcanic action became prevalent. About this time, Neptune sent its white colonist to settle in Southern Europe.

Three million years ago, Pluto sent its yellow race to settle in Tibet and the Vietnam areas. Uranus sent members of its red race to settle in what is now called Atlantis, which was located on the eastern seaboard of the Americas. Orion sent its red skinned colonist to settle in North and South America. The remnants of the destroyed planet Pursonia, a white race settled in Peru and Lemuria which was off the coast of Peru. Stisltat, a small unknown planet in the galaxy sent its white race to colonize Russia. A remnant of Martians came from the ruined Venus and settled in the Ural Mountains.

Approximately two million years ago due to the ravages of wars and floods, the earth flipped again. Soon after this, Aires sent another group to white colonist who settled in Western Europe.

When a planet flips it has a traumatic affect on all patterned energy forms existing within its various vibrational or dimensional belts. There are always remnants left of the previous population and they live a stone age kind of existence for so many generations, that memories are challenged due to the miseries of deprivation and struggle to remain alive on almost a barren planet. Time corrodes memories and much of their original knowledge is all but completely lost. An Ice age for a very short duration follows a flip of the earth.

One million years ago, the white Pursonians sent some of their people from planetoids to again colonize the earth and resided in Atlantis.

Two hundred and fifty thousand years ago white Venusians settled in the Caucasian Mountains and then forty thousand years ago in Peru. Fifteen thousand years ago, a white group from Metona settled in India. Five thousand years ago a ship from the planet Hemow crashed in Tibet and the survivors settled their.

Twenty five thousand and again ten thousand years ago the earth flipped.

The next flip is upon us and when and if it happens, they fear that our planet will break apart. The more of us who project love and peace, may help earth to have a chance.

The end.

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