Regarding Minds

Regarding Minds Copyright © 2007

By Capt. Hilarion

The illustrations which occur within
Are truths about earth, which for earth minds are dimmed.
The non-physical state of existence is a mental one
And has been thus since your earth begun.

It’s based on natural laws which scientist know
And which they should have applied to themselves, a long time ago.
Physical bodies could be called machines
For the source of their energies, man hasn’t seen.

A physical body with its computer like brain
Is by the same kind of energy as your computes sustained.
Electrical impulses pass through your brains
Without them, no life in your body is sustained.

The atomic structure of each organ you have
Has been patterned to guide energies along certain needed paths.
Bodies were intended to serve its earth
Not bleed from it its inner worth’s.

This man has done in so many ways
That now many debts to his earth he must repay.
Those in the astral have forgotten its past
And to you in earth’s astral, that’s a fact.

I’m writing on Marge’s mind you know
The words which will through Marge’s written words flow.
She see’s us as people whose faces change
And even our clothes by a thought we re-arrange.

This is how it is in the etheric world
Our forms are made by the thoughts we unfurl.
We can imitate any form we desire
And seeing strange forms can us inspire.

As minds we are energy in its purest state
And nodules of our pasts do around us gravitate.
Spheres of consciousness each one be
Holding within it one life span of our history.

We can re-enter the ones which we prefer
And in one of these globes we can with you confer.
Others can enter it with us from time to time
As with some friends we wish to align.

When Marge see’s the pen point writing on her mind
I’m in her sphere of consciousness and she’s in part of mine.
Once we go into the one we select,
Our eyes can see in and our environment inspect

We can take you into ours as well
Together if we wish for a whole lifetime, we can dwell.
So what would time be if you dwelled “thusly” with me?
This is how time is in your dreaming world you see.

Time is relative I guess you now understand
But this is in the astral, within your earth’s land.
On earth’s surface it’s controlled by the sun
As long as earth turns and through it’s orbit it runs.

Earth as it turns on its axis as a wheel
Causes the barriers between dimensions to conceal.
Those which are windows through which we can come
Trying to contact your earth dimensional ones.

This great barrier which triggers in you
The kind of door which closes from your view
And divides your twin dimensions into two parts.
So the death cycles and life cycles are kept father a part.

This is what Satan caused to take place
When he and his Martians conquered earth’s human race.
Divide and you can conquer was his special ploy
And how well it worked you can’t deny.

For human mentalities long ago
Bodies were androgynous we want you to know.
The ape men from Mars were given knowledge
And then were educated in a war oriented college.

‘twas done by Satan through Lucifer at first
By creating in him a power made thirst.
Then it was reflected in all the minds of those
Who up into knowledge began to grow.

All had to be winners in Satan’s scheme of life
The losers didn’t count but gave the winner might.
The losers are the masses who feel they must be led
But now in Satan’s world leadership one dreads.

Those with true abilities can see these truths in might
And turn their backs on leadership to lead a happy life.
Thus it is the ones who lead are unfit to fill their needs
Of a people who are controlled by their lusts and selfish greed’s.

It’s the awful concentration of cities in each nation
Which will bring about only endless frustrations.
In the hearts of all earth man
It is then and only then that the truth you’ll understand.

As long as all your churchman condemn controls of births
You will live as do the animals and have in life no worth.
You will simply live to work and a family to support
And more bodies you will make to over crowd your earth.

No matter the bodies shape my friend,
dominating spirit does within it blend.
With the auric field, which does by a body surround
Made up of what is an atomic compound.

Every energy is a mind
No matter it’s size or its bodily kind.
Each has senses which guide it through life
Subject to the law that like attracts like.

Some are guided by their senses of sound
Others have eyes which to colors respond.
Man’s eyes are attuned to color and form
Hearing too, and sensations norms.

Then his body gets old and dies
And out of it he and many lesser minds fly.
Many in the body having lesser minds
Remain with it for a much longer time.

They stay in its aura and cant go away
Because they’re a part of earth’s atomic clays.
This is why burning is good to do
Scattering evils which does in some bodies accrue.

These are the atoms which can cluster around
The spirit who in life did many evils compound.
They can give him substance for some eyes to see
And that is how ghosts often come to be.

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