Regarding Slough-Offs

Regarding slough-offs Copyright © 2007

March 18th, 1980 Given to Marge by Capt. Hilarion.

This is a truth which to Marge we’ve told
But its one the hierarchy from earth people with hold.
This has to do with the casting away
Of a part of oneself, ones best selves to save.

Twelve different selves one can retain
More puts on a mentality, too many strains.
Understanding many things
Is what twelve, mental bodies to a mind can bring.

Whatever is seen or experienced you see
Can be viewed by twelve different personalities.
This is what makes one wise and strong
And to the super physical race belong.

I thought I was being trapped by Marge
For with love she made me become super charged.
It was blinding me in a number of ways
And I had no time, love games to play.

I was contacting her through my Sagittarian self
To her I became a gnome like elf.
She too was playing a love game with me
But she realized that it was getting too serious you see.

She backed off then explained to me why
‘twas and act of wisdom, I can’t deny.
I told my commander whom we call the Venerable One
The game I’d been playing but just for fun.

He asked me if knew who you were (meaning Marge)
I said just an earthling, we were studying her.
I told him I had heard you blaspheming god
The kind men worshipped on earth’s sin filled sods.

He it was who told me to shed
The Wotan self, to fall into earths dead.
He meant the astral belt in your earth
Through which many hierarchies work.

The Jesus cult is a very strong one
But the mystery schools are by churchmen shunned.
The unseen leaders of the mystery schools (AKA teachers)
We fear had also become Satan’s tools.

Now we must explain what slough-offs are
An unwanted self, which can a mentality mar.
When Jesus suffered and died on the cross
‘twas that life with agonies, he from him tossed.

It was instantly drawn to earths inner most place
Where all mentalities go in a state of disgrace.
Your planet is a carboniferous one
MENTAL FIRES is what this carbon comes from.

Hate is a fire one kindles within
And it covers a soul with a carbon coating thin.
Jesus felt hate as they stripped him bare
And his privates they desecrated making hate in him flare.

He was a most decent and modest man
But this was more then he could stand.
He felt such hate well up within
He later felt because of this, he sinned.

So since he could not this memory erase.
He did from his beingness, that fragment displace.
He cast it as our Marge once did
And put on that part of his past a lid.

Like Marge’s and mine, his was drawn deep into the earth
From whence energies stem and within it work.
Spirit is a word which can mean many things
It is the essence of a force which has a being.

A thought is a force yet it’s something you can’t see
But it can be the foundation of what your future will be.
By the same token you can put it into the past
That which had been you but recreate a new you,
Which in the future will last.

The Wotan self I cast off, I gave a job to do
Which would individualize him to onward move.
You could call it a goal towards which to work
And this he did as in earth’s womb he lurked.

Furtive he had to be while he was there
For back to me he could make his thoughts flare.
Just as Marge can to the same
To her father the source from which she came.

Wotan worked in earths astral for a while
Then tried to enter the body of a child.
A preplanned deed with a father Marge knew
A member of our family with whom Marge grew.

The mother too had belonged to a tribe
And once on another planet, did reside.
She lost all memories a long time ago
Her religious beliefs have on her such a very strong hold.

Nothing worked as we had planned
So Wotan did not incarnate into a physical man.
In the astral he worked to learn so much
That it made him strong so he’s returned up to us.

His love for me had grown so great
He was able to ascend and with me relate.
But a separate being please note
Different sets of memories he now can invoke.

He now can have a ship of his own
And twelve different bodies for himself he has cloned.
He took from mine some living cells
So in them he can as I in mine dwell.

Without a body there isn’t much we can do
Except to exchange thoughts and in freedom move.
We are able to see and project thought forms
But physical acts, we can’t perform.

The sparks that fly from a welder’s torch
Are created energies of a sort.
They are created by the flux and the flame
Which makes a bond which will long remain.

Jesus did a slough-off, again we repeat
The heat in his agonies, did him almost defeat.
The slough-off in earths astral there remained
But continued to do what life in him had trained.

He labored over the masses who prayed to him
And helped the ones who came filled with sins.
Over what once was called the river Styx
And many mental wounds he tried to fix.

‘twas he who took Marge through a great cave below
Into which sleeping earth souls are made to go.
He remember the love he had felt for her
And caused many things to around her occur.

Many slough-offs were kept imprisoned below
Sometimes ‘twas the best of one’s mind which let go.
They banded together so Wotan as said
And sought to know truths which from mankind had fled.

The hierarchies had refused contact with them
So never back to them could they ascend.
They could incarnate into physical life
A natural law not Satan’s device.

We think the astral is what some refer to as hell
Though to us its physical life in which you all dwell.
This is how it seemed looking down from our ships
And even more so when in Marge’s body I slip.

The slough-off is the Jesus which Marge has seen
Not the one with whom the hierarchy dreams.
Basking in the joys which are sung to him
And to all the others who call themselves Elohim.

The hierarchs Jesus is with is with, beauties aglow
But we don’t think he’s aware of what his twin self knows.
The true needs of earth and its masses of minds,
For to hierarchies his thinking is confined.

The planet itself they have neglected too long
And the memories of their past, are no longer very strong.
They created their own astral in the mountains of Tibet
They lived in their own kingdom, which Satan did protect.

You see they served him well in a great many ways
So with no interference his games he could play.
In fact it made life more zest filled for him
As they weren’t above some egoistic sins.

What they taught there followers, they didn’t self apply
And a great many truths from their followers they did deny.
The astral Jesus grew to be the finer of the two
And was able to some astral barriers to finally break through.

He came to know some Druids of old
And went to their leader named Hod, we were told.
Hod rules a dimension within earth’s ocean bed
When Satan conquered earth it was to this place Hod fled.

Hod is to Marge as an uncle would be
As it relates to life on earth’s surface you see.
He is a brother to our Venerable One,
And from another Milky Way comes.

He also does to the gnomes relate
For he took to his bosom a fairy for his mate.
A female elf is what fairies are
And they exist in every system of stars.

Gnomes create a planet and we imitate them.
They’re the most ancient of ancient women and men.
Their bodies are physical, but not as are yours
Endless life for them seems completely secure.

They can dematerialize their bodies at will
And in a void they know how space can be filled.
We learned from them and used their knowledge
And in order to increase what they knew, we created a college.

This in an ancient Milky Way was done
So it not be limited to a few favored ones.
Long ago in a most ancient past
We found for humans, that elitism did many wrongs amass.

They’d fall into wars and hates would thrive
Eventually these hates their planet couldn’t survive.
Satan forgot these truths he was taught
And so to himself, his own demise he brought.

He has some slough-offs but oddly enough
They did him from their minds, quickly slough.
Were speaking of those in the astral belt
But not those with whom Lucifer dealt.

Lucifer was just an un-evolved animal man
A war minded Martian leader of his clan.
He recently incarnated as we’ve stated before
And is still a child of the poorest of poor.

He is growing up under the Vatican’s care
He’s been cared for by nuns who are living near there.
He has been experiencing a very harsh life
His mother is a prostitute who poverty blights.

He stayed in the astral, no slough-off could he have
For Satan kept him walking on earth’s lower paths.
Only those who only those who rise on the strength of self knowledge
Can pass the test of a planets college.

For that is exactly what some planets are
But always they’re ruled by a kind avatar.
Not one like Satan and his animal men
This would the overlords of planets offend.

Gnomes are the landlords of every planet please know
‘tis the homage of love which to them you owe.
It is they who give beauty and life to an earth
And hard it is to do so, for truly its hard work.

On your earth humans became parasites
And did the gnomes beautiful planet flight.
Now to slough-offs we must return
To make your knowledge of them good and firm.

Your bible and your folklore made you feel afraid
To let the spirits your home, invade.
You were patterned to know fears in a number of ways
And so to Satan’s desires you became enslaved.

You see, Satan knew that slough-offs could become
As a twin, but also as a higher one.
This has happened a lot in the past
So Satan wanted his held in a trap.

Cell division is nature’s way you know
This principle applies to all things which can grow.
Nature laws are used in many ways
They can be good or bad and they can self betray.
So, it is nature meaning your earth
That must be understood for what she is worth.

Animal bodies are nature’s way
Deeply impregnated in earths kinds of clays.
Earth is an animal body itself
It has organs within it, which man should have left.
The veins of minerals are to earth its blood
But now its veins are filled with crud.

Gnomes can create an earth this we have said
But earths are created from others which are seemingly dead.
‘tis the flotsam and jetsam which exist out in space
That they can for themselves, a new planet make.

We’re still speaking to slough-offs for there’s so many kinds
But the principle is the same and not to one thing confined.
Your technicians in laboratories are playing god
With energies taken from your earth’s air and sods.

They’re doing wrong things just as Satan did
Because like him they’re the minds of kids.
Even as fathers some seem not to have grown
Because truths of a greater kind to them are unknown.

Survival of the fittest has so ruled your earth
That strength of body was given priority worth.
Then minds are enlarged just to outwit others
Even the ones who they should have loved like brothers.

Now the fallacies relating to soul mates
The truth about this we will now relate.
These are slough-offs from a previous time
Who often as identical twins re-combine.

Marge and her slough-off if on earth remain
Might easily be born as twins to each other sustain.
This as been done a great many times
But apart they can drift and not again combine.

We hope we’ve made it clear that two Jesus there are
The one on our ship who has now travelled far.
And the one people worship on bended knees
And sometimes in visions are able to see.

Then there’s my brother named Jesus too
From whom the two Jesus’ originally grew.
My brother created them but one on planet Mars
Where we were captured by Lucifer, but not put behind bars.

We knew nothing of Satan and his evil ways
We thought ‘twas ourselves who gave too much knowledge away
Which started many evils to from it accrue
Because of some things we showed Lucifer how to do.

We and our father Zeus in a ship crashed on Mars
This was before it was ruined by wars (atomic.)
We were fed a drink called the nectar of the gods
And thus of our mental controls we were robbed.

We became addicted to this evil drink
And for a time we seemed unable to think
Lucifer learned how we could create a child
And also a space ship from some data we compiled.

For ages we thought this but recently found
That to Satan they already were tightly bound.
We don’t believe that Satan knew about us then
For he didn’t at the time with Martian life blend.

We used the orgasms of the one named Frigg
Daughter of Lucifer to strengthen his breed.
Your Jesus was the one my brother Jesus made
Hilarion number II was mine, a fine bouncing babe.

Our father created one giving it Satan for a name
So named by Lucifer for his patron of ill fame.
We didn’t leave Mars for quite awhile
But finally with a ship we made some thought forms combine.

So one landed and picked us up
And back to our normal lives we were happily rushed.
We soon forgot these particular sons
For as seeders of planets this we’ve often done.

The bodies we create have better kinds of minds
than those on un-evolved planets. But they’re bi-sexual in kind.
Meaning they can produce children in the animal way
but with potentials to become androgynous and from animalism stray.

Marge is in a body descended from ours
Which also has aided her with potential powers.
It’s most distant ancestor was made in a cave in Peru
And is always attracted to others of its own ancestry too.

Unfortunately the animal kind
In the physical, like with them to combine.
The results is that these bodies genes now are mixed
None to their ancestral ones are solidly fixed.

Were referring to matings which produce bodies too
Containing the animal gene which make spirit minds confused.
We had hoped they create a higher human line
But they were made to combine, with the animal kind.

We created the original nearly three million years ago
No more bodies after that did we make on earth you know.
We rarely passed it in our machines
Until Jesus had some compulsory dreams.

Two thousand years ago this made him do
An invasion to earth with his ship and its crew.
He saw in his dreams the face of a son
Pleading with him to down to planet earth come.

He was drawn to what you call the holy land
Because o the connecting umbilical strands.
Which always to a father are attached
To those with which his genes are matched.

He was drawn to a prayer circle Mary (AKA Frigg) formed
And heard his son from her aura unborn.
Plead for a body which would have less animal genes
So he could have a body of animalism clean.

He has since told us he thought, were he given this
Such a body would make animal lust a lot easier to resist.
He saw the Martians destroy decent kinds of life
And this evil was something he was trying to fight.

My brother placed his sperm in Mary’s womb
Just as a surgeon can I want you to assume.
For he has no penis as a human men do
So artificial means he had to use.

We use robots to produce a child
they’re always perfect except the one who made himself vile.
Since Satan, none have turned into beings as evil as he
In the particular clan in which we be.

I can’t speak for others from far Milky Ways
But I think I can for ours in which we all stay.
Your earth is an exception to other planets you know
For they live in peace though in knowledge they grow.

We will not let your leaders colonize any others
The ones who aren’t our brothers.
We know this is what they are secretly trying to do
But their ships won’t be allowed some barriers to go through.

They’ll be let to aimlessly drift around
Then guide them back to their planets unstable ground.
We don’t want their polluted bodies to spread
The evils which through them are genetically webbed.

New bodies they’ll have to agree to have
And work like laborers on earths newly laid paths.
No more experiments will some be let to make
Others to a great school of learning we’ll take.

They won’t be allowed to bring their schemes
To any other planet, to it demean.
They won’t be allowed to excavate
And use their machines, a planets life to take.

We’ll use on them a form of laser beams
The likes of which they have never seen.
A brooding anger fills my heart
As I see the kinds of lives of which so many are a part.

Those in the ARMADA seem to fill the same way
As your earth, they no themselves survey.
They are shocked by the evils they continue to see
They are of a kind, they can hardly believe.

Forgive me for ending on such a note
But these words many of them have asked me to quote.
They’ve been down out of body and have seen as do we
And what was projected from Marge has by all now been believed.

The End
Capt Hilarion of the star ship Jilsron

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