The Healing

The Healing Copyright © 2007

On June 24th 1976 I had a strange and beautiful experience. In 1962 due to a bad fall, my bladder had dropped and had to be surgically repaired. In 1975, the condition repeated itself and I knew this meant another surgery.

The night before I was to go to the doctor, I had an astral repair. Just as I was falling to sleep I felt my wrist and ankles seized and I was abruptly picked up in a spread eagle position by four shadowy men like figures. I was run with, being carried into a dimly lit cavern like place. I was then roughly placed on a hard surface, being held in the same position. One of the figures ran off to my right, returning with a triangular object which felt like metal. Another figure on my left caught hold of the upper corner of the shield and it was lowered to cover the lower area of my body.

Then, they all looked upwards and immediately a sparkling waterfall of flashing energies descended upon the shield. They seemed to splash off like water. In a few minutes these ceased to flow and the two beings holding the shield ran off to my right placing the shield at the base of what I thought to be a wall. It was so dim; it was hard to be sure. I was then picked up as before and had the same sensation as being run with, and then plopped into my bed. I was immediately awake and at no time did I feel fear. I went off to sleep feeling that I would not need to go to the doctor the next day. When I awoke in the morning, the condition was hardly noticeable and by the end of the week, I knew I was completely healed.

I was thinking about this wonderful experience and so I asked if someone could give me a message relating to it. Ariga from the astral answered and gave the following message.

‘twas those who work below in caves
Who came to you and your body saved.
We live below in the astral belt
A place which many of you once left.

A few of us there do body repair
Helping the ones for whom we care.
It’s known to a very few
How bodies on earth were brought into view.

But those who came to earth as gods
Also did of it many things rob.
Many came from planets far
And go deep into earth and carve.

Clay forms in which they can exist
In our own planets kind of energies mix.
Mixture of forces controlling souls
Who evolved in a body their minds to mould.

On September 2nd, I was copying the above. Ariga signified that he
Wanted to make an addition which follows:

Many times in history past
We’ve helped a one to his life repack.
By curing it’s body of its ills
Which lets him then his way fulfill.

We are the ones who often cure
The ills of the bodies of those who are pure.
Those who pray to Jesus and god
Are the ones we help with earths energy rods.

These are unpatterned forms of life
We patterned to give them a specialized might.
To conform to the pattern of the ailing norm
Within that of a living physical form.

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