The Miracle

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The Miracle as witnessed by Marge Ludeman Feb 8, 1980 at Parkway Plaza mall, movie theater in El Cajon, CA.
We had over half an hour to kill before the theater door would open. Ardell was on my left. For some years I had been seeing wheel like shadowy objects dart around in the sky giving off opaque flashes of light when I focused on them. Ardell had started to see them to my delight so we often sky watched together.
Suddenly I was seeing row after row of white block letters but I couldn’t distinguish the short word like etc. Ardell tried to see them and thought she saw a V. It faded too quickly for her to be sure. I kept saying “I couldn’t see them” and then they were moved closer but I still couldn’t make tem out. Then Ardell pointed excitedly up to the left asking if I could see the large figure of a person? I could, and it seemed as tall as one of the department stores at the mall, as it started moving towards us.
At this point I was aware of a man standing to my right and wondered if he saw what we did. I soon forgot about him in all the excitement of that moment. From then on the sky above us was filled with male and female figures, drifting down towards us, then circling to within six to eight feet in front of us, with feet touching the ground. A short distance to my right their feet started to walk and faded from my sight.
We kept pointing out to different ones, describing them to confirm that we were seeing the same thing, and we were.
The manager came and spoke to us, ending this part of the wonderful experience. We then went into the brightly lit theater getting seats on the isle about half way down.
I omitted to say I saw figures enclosed in a transparent globe as they passed close in front of me. Later I was told that they crystallized their outer auras as a protective measure so they could came down to be with us.
As we relaxed in our seats we both began seeing greenish blue shadowy figures sitting in the empty seats all around us. We both were seeing them with open eyes. I think the yellowish lighting gave them the greenish color. Ardell said she was seeing Hilarions face and another she was sure was Chandrah who is one of Hilarions many sons. As the theater filled up, the figures disappeared and so did the thick looking air above our heads. This thick looking air I have often seen at home.
Fortunately, Ardell was driving for I began channeling. The voice through me described that awful day when Jesus was nailed to the cross. He related how Jesus had been dragged from his home and his family, and how his family had been abused. I could feel an agony of remembrance taking control of him and reflecting through me. It left me drained and shaken. As soon as we got to my home we put it on tape.
I must emphatically state that the figures we saw coming down from the sky were not from the astral. I have to close my eyes to see those in our parallel astral world, which I did after the movie started. I saw  many spirits present. This was confirmed when I returned home.
In the past I have see figures in the sky and several times they were giant figures. However, I’ve been told by Hilarion that they use laser instruments of many kinds and sometimes project holograms. I asked if what we had seen were holograms and I was given a very emphatic NO.
Regarding the part of the movie which showed the shroud being kept in Turin Italy I had been told several years ago that Jesus’ body had been wrapped in it and this was again confirmed yesterday through channeling through me.

February 11, 1980 the following is the explanation which was channeled through me this morning with regard to our shared miracle.

We are those who, for long, have traveled through space.
And now we have returned to earth’s corrupted face.
We hoped that it would be otherwise after 2,000 thousand years
But what we are seeing on earth has fulfilled our worst fears.

Jesus and Marge were part of our clan
Druids we were called and we lived loving our land.
We knew the living energies therein
We contacted those in spirit for this is not a sin.

The Martians that came and conquered our earth
Denied us our rights and have robbed earth of its worth
We were forced to hide in caves most of the time
For the Martians made laws to which we couldn’t align.

At first they seemed peaceful and played with our young
And that was when all of earths evils begun.
This was almost nine million years ago
When earth, with beauty, began again to glow.

Earths close encounters with Venus had left it bare
Only a few people on earth’s surface remained there.
Our birthing chambers deep in the earth
Gave us again some bodies of worth.

Bodies on earth’s surface which we could live and breathe
For on a planets surface, we prefer to be.
Body less existence can have many drawbacks
And earths surface life does all spirits attract

As mentalities evolve, it is by memories they are clothed
This is how a mentality is, by a soul enclosed.
Every mentality is in an energy field
This, your scientist have to you revealed.

It is the same with our earth as through its orbit it whirls
When it starts around again it is making a new world.
It is burying the old one under the new
This is the same thing which we all of us do.

A week, a month, and for some of us a day
A decade, a year, or an epoch we say.
Each has its cycles of future, presents, and pasts
Which over each other, begin to stack.

This is why memories are never lost
No matter how carelessly away they are tossed.
The Martian minds will all be removed
And back to Mars they are going to be removed.

Jesus whom they tortured and nailed to the cross
Will be put over them, their ruler, a most gentle boss.
They will all be put into the kinds of schools
Which will teach them that honesty and decency must rule.

The underground testing on earth must cease
And the building of reactors because of the evils they release.
The fodder for animals we tested and found
That destructive elements do, within it, abound.

Your people we tested and found the same
Making your children of the future to be permanently maimed.
The cattle we slaughtered when tested proved
That the seepages we saw from our ships was true.

We are hoping that all earths’ people will read our words
We are trying to so express them that they won’t be miss inferred.
For our channeling through earths minds, have not proven good.
For our words through many channels have been misunderstood.

Our contacts formed groups of a kind not intended
Others and, ourselves and our truths it has offended.
We salute each leader who refrains from war
And hope underground testing will be stopped forever more.

August 11, 1982 for the last two years the ones you saw
Have worked without any kind of pause.
They have tried their hardest to influence minds
To refrain from wars of any kind.

They entered earths astral that day long ago
And attached themselves to many human minds please know.
Most were world leaders and some were the ones
Who are the leaders of dissidents and some unbalanced bums.

Bums or alcoholics are what we mean
Who, at present, are fostering many evils schemes.
Many followers these foolish ones have
For mostly they lived on life’s lower paths.

They drink and use drugs and, at decency, shrug
Their minds are too addled to competently judge.
What would be right for your troubled earth
To help it return to its original worth.

The following is Ardell’s account of the miracle they both experience:

The day was February 8th, 1980 at 4:15 on a sunny  afternoon. The place was in front of a movie theater at Parkway Plaza mall in El Cajon, California. The movie that Marge and I went to see was “In search for historic Jesus.” We were early and waiting for the doors to open, so we started scanning the sky, an usual procedure when ever we go out.  Marge began seeing writing in large block formation, but could not actually distinguish what it was saying. I could not see this, but kept looking around, hoping to view the same thing. I did see a V, but it disappeared rapidly. Suddenly I saw a large figure. I called Marge’s attention to it and got verification that I was not imagining it. Then many large figures seemed to form. They were in a sort of cloud consistency, white against the blue sky. There seemed to be an oval enclosure around them. With some I saw just the body, others just the head which was covered with a drape or scarf of some kind. The body figures were dressed in full length robes. They were very large and seemed to come towards us. I would say that some of the heads were a foot across and would disappear into the clouds. Others would come forward and move to the right in front of us.

We were alone except for a gentleman to our right who kept moving closer, most likely stirred by our excitement, trying to figure out what was going on. I was extremely excited as I have never seen anything like this before. People started coming so we lined up to go into the theater.

After we were seated in the theater, I started seeing many greenish blue transparent like forms. It seemed that these beings occupied all of the seats and the isles were filled as well. I suddenly saw Hilarions face and following it was his son, Chandrah. Chandrah was directly in front of me and stayed until the seat was occupied, then he moved closer to me. Marge channeled that he was sitting on the arm of my seat and was stroking my hair.

Marge said when she closed her eyes, she saw many spirits from the astral. Later on at home, Mark , a spirit from the astral confirmed that there were many from the astral there also.

After the show, in the car coming home, a being I believe to have been Jesus channeled through Marge. He was in a very emotional state, as a result of reliving the horrible experience of being nailed to the cross. He said “It was not as it’s depicted” in mans minds or as expressed in the various films and books. He said he had been very poor and his clothes were rags. He never dressed as the various pictures have him shown. Also, he was not well know at all. Even some of the miracles told were not so. Small circles were formed with all who were in the circle, praying. The torturing and torment which occurred at that time, was also inflicted on many others as well as himself. It was an ordeal words cannot describe. He claimed the pain was so great while on the cross, he didn’t remember what he said, if he said anything.

The End.

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