The Sun

The Sun  Copyright © 2007

January 9, 1990

The sun could be called a machine. It could also be called male and supports by giving life’s essences to its herd of planets. Planet earth has its spirit life forms and so does the sun. Our Milky Way has with it countless suns with its herd of planets. All suns in a galaxy are connected to the great central sun in their galaxy. The great central suns are also connected with those of adjacent great galaxies.

I was given the following message:

We are the spirits from the great central sun
You’ve become our contact to help us right the wrongs which have been done.
Cosmic laws must now be known
And to you earthlings always shown.

You are in earth made bodies controlled by earth time
Within your body, you are simply a thinking seeing mind.
An earth body is something that has to be fed
Now you must think of what happens when you are dead.

Do you have choices you should ask yourself
What would it be based on, what have you felt.
Now you must reach deep inside your mind
And remember special dreams you have had from time to time.

Our human bodies have no sex genitals of any kind
For we are great free floating groupings of minds.
We do use bodies as you do your well armored cars
To travel among planets controlled by their suns you call stars.

Your ways of thinking are the same as ours
Your bodies have denied you the use of their powers.
They limit what you should be able to see
The lenses in your bodies eyes, limit you from seeing all around you which be.

Your parallel worlds should have stayed intermingled
But your evil controller came and kept you all single.
In ancient times before the evil one came
Your two worlds meshed and peace on your planet earth reigned.

Now you regard your planet with its ever spreading droughts
You are beginning to know what earth’s life is about.
Your scientist now have the right to worry
For great changes must be made in a hurry.

November 6, 1991

There are special ships which exist in the sun
Which between special channels between suns can run.
When you enter a sun it is beautiful and cool
The ships that are used look like icy cold jewels.

A special ship lands on planets earth
Deep inside earth is its landing birth.
It enters through earths north pole and exits through the south
It always uses this circular route.

More will be explained at a later time
When the higher levels of knowledge earthlings climb.
Marge has to have the knowledge now
With a new kind of knowledge we must her endow.

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