Traveler among stars

Traveler among stars Copyright © 2007

By Capt Hilarion November 25th, 1991

I am a traveler among stars
Like others of our kind, our futures we carve.
Normally we travel in ships as pairs
But I chose to travel alone to my creators despair.

He had created Marge to be my companion for me
I regretfully say, we did not agree.
She built a ship of her own designing
Beautiful it was with many colors of light shinning.

The lights intermingled in such a way
It was an ever changing kind of display.
My ship is blue like a simple jewel
But it, in truth is a marvelous tool.

It matches the skies through which it flies
And its color can change at the blink of an eye.
I wouldn’t let Marge attach her ship to mine
Because it wasn’t safe to sparkle and shine.

She did not have the patience to meditate and think
When to planet earth she suddenly linked.
I left her there in anger, I admit
Locked into an earth body into which she had slipped.

The body was not by a spirit to be used
A very evil spirit, it was meant to confuse.
Which our creator wished to catch in a trap
To stop the carnage into which earth relapsed.

The evil one Satan was an early creation
Who while he was very young, was filled with frustration.
He and his friends stole a ship and fled from their school
They flew into space which is a great whirling pool.

Only special ships can survive in such a place
The ship he took couldn’t such raging energies face.
But he survived, we don’t know how
And that is all we can say for now.

I’ve been wrong in many ways
This to Marge I sadly say.
Marge was much too young to know
That many evils on planet earth grow.

Many temptations are hidden traps
Liquors and drugs are exactly that
Marge was much too young to know
For on earth she was caught so long ago.

She is forever seeking truth
But from what is simple and good, she and others remain aloof.
Things that sparkle and dazzle your eyes
Regardless of value, earthlings seem to prize.

You who love your baubles, liquors and wines
Must change your ways if to heaven you climb.
We who are angels from the sun
Won’t supply you with life’s needs in time to come.

Your earth is rotting inside out
It is getting to late to put your evils to route.
We came to help but so far we have failed
And that is the crux of our long sad tale.

For those who got caught in earth’s evil fly traps
Deep in earths astral we have left a kind of map.
It’s a light in the lowest astral of earth
To give a last chance to those of some worth.

We are washing from Marge earths evil clays
And for a number of others, we’ve been able to save.
Our ships from the sun, will make a few more runs
Taking those from earth, those who to its evils had not succumbed.

We are connected to the great central sun
And there we’ll be same, when earth’s doomsday comes.
Many will be swallowed up in the great cosmic ocean
Which forever exist and is in constant commotion.

They toss the suns which are bubbles of life
Around and around in their awful fury and might.
But we always survive in our great force field of light
We will recreate worlds which are flawless and bright.

Peaceful existence is always our aim
We who control Marge as she now acclaims.
Most stars you see with your naked eyes
Have dependant planets of small and large size.

December 8th, 1991
Sun like planets are under human control
They have great cosmic engines, which they enfold.
Only special kinds of ships can enter unto them
Which some of you will use, when your earth life ends.

When you leave your body, you’ll be drawn deep into earth
To the secluded place where all life starts its birth.
Your own ancient bodies are waiting there for you
These again as spirit, you’ll learn how to use.

I Hilarion will have to return to my ship
When into earth’s center, you have slipped.
He then in my ship will through the North Pole fly
To take you aboard is my reason why.

There you will wait for the great sun ship to come
When you are taken aboard, your new life has begun.
Your ship will be carried in the sun ships hold
It will be you home as in days of old.

December 11th, 1991
This is a message from us, the angels from the sun
We are exactly like Jesus the christed one.
We who live on what you call the sun
Down to earth as beams of light some of us come.

We don’t wear the kinds of bodies you are in
We regard animal sex for us as a terrible sin.
Your Jesus the Christ is one of our kind
Never did he with a woman sexually combine.

We create bodies for ourselves when the need is there
They are like your ships which fly through the air.
Even if we land on planet earth
We create a body in which we work.

Out of body we are an energy mass
Made up of millions of micro suns which with living lights flash.
All its parts can separate
To pass through physical mass yet not to it relate.

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