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July 9th, 1992

Wotan, who was projecting messages through me many years ago
has returned and is replacing Capt. Hilarion…His message as follows.

If you believe in UFO’s
Are they friends or are they foes?
This is an answer to the question above.
There are some above carrying with them the spirit of love.

We are the angels from the life giving sun
We have nurtured earth’s people since life on earth begun.
We really exist though you see us not
And why are earth’s people such a polyglot?

The answer is easy to figure out
Many space travelers stopped off on earth en route.
They planted some seeds then traveled on
And never again did they with their get even correspond.

This is what it was like countless ages ago
When angels were people earthlings loved to know.
We came down to earth from its life giving sun
When life forms on earth had finally begun.

Marge is part of our clan please know
But she got caught on earth long ago.
She entered the body of a strange new kind
Beautiful in appearance but with no spirit mind.

She gave to it a life it originally lacked
It locked her in as a matter of fact.
It anchored her to earth in such a way
That she could no longer from the earth, freely stray.

Her own body she had left on her ship high above earth
She mentally instructed it to sail her ship back to its berth.
She thought a search for her would result
But she by earth’s evils had become corrupt.

The body’s control factors had led her astray
And each new birth body does it in the same kind of way.
She herself must break away from her body’s controls
She who is now its spiritual soul.

There are others on earth who are like her too
They live long lives until from their bodies they must move.
Then like other lost souls through earths astral she will wander
And there their future needs they will ponder.

Out of body Marge feels a downward pull
This she must spurn if her quest for freedom she is to fulfill
This is why I Wotan have returned
To help her, her freedom from earth to earn.

Many cords holding her to earth Capt Hilarion broke
This is what caused her to have a slight stroke.
In meditation and prayer to her father in heaven she must now relate
From now on she must on this concentrate.

Ask your own father in heaven above
To surround you and take you above in his whirlwind of love.
No more TV for two consecutive days
Live in quietude and constantly pray.

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